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Well, this is probably the most non-2008 celebrating or acknowledging I’ve done since I was around 10-12 and fell asleep through the New Year. I played Spider-Man 2 on GameCube longer than expected (I finally started figuring out how to do certain controls and things) – Oh yeah, for those who I haven’t had a chance to talk to, I finally got a gaming system (the last one I had was a Super-Nintendo….so you KNOW it’s been a while for me….).

Anyway, I got a GameCube for $30 from GameStop (yep, they’ve really went down in price), 2 controllers (one came with it) and I’ve bought about 10 games. I actually think that aside from one game (super mario kart double dash), I have all the games I plan on buying for the thing. I may buy a Wii later on if I have the right amount of money available.

Anyway, off of that tangent. The GameCube is actually supposed to be not just for me, but as something else additional for when I open up my home to fellowship for a game night.

A few things have ‘clicked’ for me during the past year. Some within the past few days.

More and more, the words “God doesn’t care how you feel about it, your job is to make yourself feel the right way about it and to be obedient to doing it” – these words have stuck in my head and have made me rethink how I conduct myself in terms of some of my relationships to folks in the body of Christ.

So one of my first tasks this year is to establish relationships with my brothers and my sister. Yes, you heard right – 3 brothers and a sister. Only one is a full blood brother. We’ve actually started communicating more as of late. You may recall me mentioning that last year, my grandmother’s death opened up a line of communication between he and mother that previously hadn’t existed.

Praise God for that. My mother had my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew over for Christmas….and things went VERY well. I was happy about it, but more importantly, I could see how much it really meant to my mother and my brother that they were all able to have a real dinner together as family. Yes, I was there. 🙂 I really enjoyed seeing my niece and nephew, though my nephew could use a few strokes to the behind to teach him some self-control.

So I realize that I have a responsibility to my immediate family to build and establish stronger relationships to my blood relatives.

I missed seeing my dad today (got in the house late, but I’ll try again later today). I have a MacArthur daily devotional for him that I got him as a Christmas present. I pray that he will read through it daily. My dad’s not saved.

I talked to my younger brother (yes, I have one of those!) earlier today. We had a good convo about music. My older brother has been in regular contact with him, but passed my number on to him. His birthday’s coming up – it’s strange – he’s been in the US since 94 and I have yet to meet him in person. My sister too.

Then there’s my other younger brother Nigel up in NYC.

Yeah, see…there’s a lot people don’t know about me.

Anyway, just contemplating the entire thing, there’s a lot that I need to do on my end of the fence to build some relationships with the people I already have around me. God will hold me responsible for that.

Speaking of relationships, there’s a few old ones that need mending….so I’m starting to put in some work there as well. I realize that I must change my thinking and my presuppositions about people in order to properly seek reconciliation and building with them.

Needless to say….I have some work to do in my personal life.

In the area of my finances, I have some work to do with being consistent about putting away money. My goal is a house by the end of this year. I’m well on my way there so far – I actually have enough in the bank to take care of a decent down payment.

My pastor made a point a few days back about slaves in OT times. I’ve taken too many ‘anal glaucoma’ days at work.

For those who don’t know, anal glaucoma is the condition where you wake up in the morning and you just can’t see your behind goin’ into work, so you call in sick. *cough cough*

Sometimes, you do need a ‘mental health’ day. But maybe that’s just an American thing. I know large parts of it came from the stress that accompanied going into work because I felt nothing was getting done around the school by those in charge…. and even in one of our staff meetings, someone (God bless her!) brought up the fact that 10 people a day call out from the place because they don’t feel supported and they don’t feel like the administration is going to support them on discipline….so a disorderly school environment doesn’t make one feel good about work NOR coming into work.

Prayerfully, things will be much different the second half of the year.

My Bible reading has fallen off a bit. I’m about to pick that back up along with some other ‘disciplines’ that helped to keep me on track. One of which is my staying in the scriptures and working through the issue of God’s holiness and my own sinfulness. I’ll be redoubling my efforts to stay consistent with things.

Thankfully, the Lord has granted me the favor of having brothers in the Lord like Mike and Derek.

The engagement thing is getting a bit nearer.  I feel it.  But I’m going to have to work for it.  My eHarmony subscription ends next month.  Let’s see what becomes of it all……..

*jumps into the fray of 2008 with swords drawn and teeth gritted*

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