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8611 EP Update # 3

Did somebody say a 3/1 release date ?

Good news, good news and bad news.

Good news: I got some feedback on a track or two that I put out there for some folk to listen to. :) Content, ideas – all good.

Good news: One person, in particular, whose work is already out in 2 CDs, told me that the sound quality of my voice on the current equipment I have is the major problem. Someone else who has spent time in the studio has said the same thing. So I’m going to invest the money……. and head to the studio to record the 8611 EP instead of just toss it out there with poor sound quality.

and hence, the bad news:

CD’s pushed back.

That’s cool, though. Now I don’t have to rush as much and I can perfect a few more things. But trust… I’ll be in the studio before the end of the month.

So keep the project in prayer (as usual). What’s funny is how I came to this conclusion today: I saw a car go by with the car tags of the last name of the person whose studio I’ll be using (and who will be mastering my songs) and was like ‘Oh yeah, I need to call him!’. I did, we talked and here I am.

Sovereignty. LOL

Once I start hitting the studio, you’ll know who I’m working with. :)

Additional good news: is going to be the new and quick way to get info on the project….. as well as the official site. I’m learning Flash now so I can get the design work done. :) You know me.


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