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Ahhh, the blender again!

My favorite term for this time in life.

You ever see those scenes where all of the items in the picture get scrambled around blazingly fast, then they stop and settle and the picture looks completely different ?

So…I’m looking for a new church (and no, I’m not getting into the ‘why’ of it just yet….maybe one day, maybe not, but I’m leaving on good terms….).

I’ll be married in 3 months and some change.

I’ll be moving at the end of June – while my fianceé is in Nashville getting stuff ready, I’ll be moving into OUR apartment and staying there by myself for a week and getting acclimated. So I’m starting to throw things out now….

Grad school is on hold until I pay down an old balance.  This also pushes back my potential graduation date to 2010….but I only have three classes left to do. 🙂

I’m a bit perplexed about my job. I have good students, I’ve done my best to try and get them focused, but they just completely BLEW it this past weekend at band festival.  Should I give up on middle school ? I’ve had two successful years (I’s in sight reading and II’s overall) and now two bad years (a III last year and this year in sight reading and overall).

Work is a pain sometimes. Stressed. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things they ask us to do…. and then wonder why it’s not done.

I’ve got more speaking engagements and bible studies lined up in the meantime….so more studying to do.

All this and I keep looking into the eyes of this woman wondering why in the world she still wants to marry me. I’m a hot mess…. she’s even seen my apartment…. and she still wants to marry me.

I’m blessed.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep up with bible reading – even if the only thing I can do is turn on the iPod and listen to Max McClean read to me.  I actually find myself memorizing large portions of scripture that way.

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