School year’s back in full swing again.  I’ve been busy with stuff for work….. I’m now department chair for music, team leader for creative arts and doing a LOT more this year to set good things in motion for my band program and the school in general….including taking over the school website (which I will be debuting any day now….).

We have a new principal and he’s a pretty cool dude. As always, new administrations always have bumps and bruises as people adjust to new systems, but it looks like things are heading in the right direction for the school overall. Our 8th grade population seems to be stuck on trying to do as they please like they did last year…. and thankfully, discipline is about 80% consistent on behavior issues.  Teachers also have a lot more administrative support this year, provided they do THEIR jobs.

We have a new electronic grading system, so I’m grading more papers, making more phone calls and doing more things this year.

In regard to my album, I’ve been given some advice by two individuals close to me that I should reconsider – one, because of my age (hip hop is still a ‘young man’s game’)  and the time it will take for me to develop a more mature sound may take a while and two, because of TIME…I keep pushing this thing back and being overwhelmed with other issues.

I’m considering it all, seriously. I’m about to do a mailer to a few trusted friends and brethren in Christ for advice on this one and pray on it some more.  Either way, I’m going to probably just release the songs I’ve already recorded as free downloads and call it a day.  I still DJ, I still make good beats, so I’ll be ‘around’.

Besides, while I do feel that doing a hip hop album is simply an extension of my teaching ability (I could honestly care less about selling more units than necessary to break even and will probably give away more than I ever sell), I may just need to concentrate on framing biblical truth in conversation instead of rhyme.

I’ll be off from grad school for a little bit to catch my breath, then go back in and complete the last two classes. I’m working on a budget…and trying to remain consistent with it. I’ve been blessed in other areas that I’ll let in on as certain times draw nearer 🙂 Just keep a brother in prayer so that he can be consistent in all areas of his life.

Out for now. Probably spend part of that 16-18 weeks doing new videos, typing up stuff LONG overdue and so forth.

Oh, and I even got offered (unofficially) an adjunct position at my alma mater. 🙂 God is good.  Let me get ready for the rest of my renaissance…..

Additionally: Check the latest Thinking Biblically Commentary.  I talk about the election and ‘What if ________ loses ?’

Inspired by the great convos on the 5th.

Enjoy and be blessed.

Video podcast of it coming on Friday night along with an audio/mp3 for the feed on my site.

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