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Comments on the Soul Factory/Soldier’s Outreach/Church of the Lord’s Disciples…..

…….or whatever Deron Cloud is calling them this year.

You might remember hearing about this church last year doin’ a 70’s -themed ‘worship’ service, which looked more like a scene straight out the club.

You might have heard about them giving away free gas or passing out groceries.

You might have heard about his ‘draminars’ – drama-oriented seminars designed to teach some Biblical moral.

I’m always immediately suspect when you have to entertain people in order to get them to come to church.

It shows a LACK of trust in God’s Word being simply preached as is being powerful enough to SAVE.

Now I know a few of you have questions – what about Holy Hip Hop ? Aren’t you entertaining people there ? Could be in some cases and some groups. But most of the groups I listen to and promote have folk in them who can sit still without needing to hear every verse of scripture rhymed over a tight beat. And they encourage people to do the same. So the ‘draw’ is the Word of God, not the music. In addition, most of the folk I listen to are explicitly scriptural in their presentation – meaning they actually QUOTE SCRIPTURE, not just present some nice rhyme scheme according to a particular teaching.

Anyway, back to where we were (and you’ll have to pardon me for not rambling further, but I’m not feeling well today).

Over on HCR, this very topic came up. A former member at this particular church/fellowship/gathering, had these words to say about it. Her words are hers.

I used to be an active member of this organization (it’s hard for me to call it a “church fellowship” because my knowledge of the Word or character of God wasn’t necessarily deepened while there for six years, though I thought it was) until a few things happened that made me realize that I wasn’t being equipped to be a witness for Christ because of lack of contextual Scripture teaching. There was a lot of hoopla and activity and promotion of the name “Soul Factory” and upliftment of the pastor’s name … but sound doctrine? Nah. What we received along the lines of preaching were good sermons and series on how to improve our lives (in terms of how to deal with anger, finances, relationships, etc.) and Scripture intertwined utilized to support the sermon.

Not Scripture standing alone, and meaning being pulled from the true context of the Word.

Once I switched to a fellowship were I was being taught the Word line-upon-line (and where the people inevitably were more biblical in their attitutes and actions since they were being taught correctly) I had no desire whatsoever to go back. When I saw the new site yesterday, it confirmed what I know now but couldn’t see while I was there: that though Christ is shouted from the rooftops, He’s really an afterthought there. Everything that’s done there is based on noncontextual Scripture, and the ideas of man. Then the Word is conformed to what was decided beforehand. It’s all often based on how they can get more folk into the church – not more folk intimate with Christ. Again, if you’re there and not familiar with sound doctrine, you would disagree with me until Kingdom come.

As you suggested, BC, once the thousands come in, lurred by the jazz and the sounds of the praise team and the plays and the productions and the free carwashes … what will they get?

Will they be looking for more free carwashes?

Cloud’s site is here:

The original thread is here:

Interesting…. she says Again, if you’re there and not familiar with sound doctrine, you would disagree with me until Kingdom come.metimes have to keep this in mind when I visit boards where folk like HCR, where a lot of the people on the boards mean well, but they are very spiritually immature. Talking critically about the ‘milk’ they’ve been raised up on usually catches their ire, much like taking away a dirty blanket or old moldy teddy bear from a child throws him/her into fits over their ‘toy’.

So I sometimes holster my guns when walking into some of these places. Some folk haven’t been used to thinking, much less thinking theologically, so they don’t see the necessary implications of their thought and certain teachings in relation to the whole of what scripture teaches. In a nutshell, some peoples’ theology just needs time to grow up.

So perhaps Eve’s statements above should not only be taken as a criticism for those caught up in movements like this, but also as a lesson and a warning to be a bit ‘nicer’ for folk like us who have a bit more solid Biblical teaching underneath of them.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Sad comedy….

In case you’re wondering what it’s about, see here:

The God Who Names Himself

Pray for the PCUSA. And the Episcopals. They’re not too far behind, either.

In fact, pray for your own church and pastors – that God would keep his/their mind(s) on sound doctrine and reject all of the theological novelties that spring up today masquerading as tolerance and open-mindedness.

Fake preachers exposed….. anyone of you old guys know this guy ?

After watching this video, all I can say is WOW. I knew how some of this was done, but actually seeing it is something else…..

Be sure to pay close attention to the scripture at the end.

Divine Healing In This Lifetime, Eh ?

From T.D. Jakes’ church website:

We believe that it is God’s will to heal and deliver His people today as He did in the days of the first Apostles. It is by the stripes of Jesus that we are healed, delivered and made whole. We have authority over sickness, disease, demons, curses, and every circumstance in life (Luke 10:19; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; 1 Peter 2:24).


Explain this.

*Edit – the Orlando Times apparently was e-mailed by several critics and swapped out the picture of Jakes with glasses for another one without glasses. I guess his picture confessed its’ healing, eh ?*

No matter. Google has a million more.

McBryant’s McHeresy…..

Almost no commentary necessary (HT: Pulpit Pimps):

Bryant said he realizes that in making this move he would be opening up himself to accusations of dynasty-building but that this move fits into Jesus’ last mandate to his disciples. “I expect it; the last people to ever catch on unfortunately is the church,” Bryant said. “Who was mad at McDonald’s when they decided to move beyond a drive-through? If we don’t mind franchising french fries, why can’t we franchise the kingdom of God?”

Words from the good Reverend Dr. Jamal Harrison-Bryant of Empowerment Temple A.M.E. in Baltimore, MD. Read the whole article here (now cached on Google).

Started in 2000 with about 9 folks and is now around 11,000 or so.

Church swell at it’s finest.

One person on Pulpit Pimps commented that folk at ETAME are probably leftovers from Frank Reid III’s Bethel A.M.E. that wanted to follow a younger, more dynamic preacher. Reid, of course, isn’t anywhere near the bastion of orthodoxy himself… so after training up a generation of folk who just follow ‘the next big thing’ and don’t care much about sound doctrine, it’s no surprise (if it’s true), that they’d jump ship and bounce around.

Tight church website, though. Very ingenious use of flash.

And he’s one heck of a salesman. Listen to the over-the-top promises on this site….. of course, my ‘question’ remains…. why’s everybody trying to ‘redo’ the church ?


When you’re done, you can go here and get more.

(disclaimer: click on the links above and give this huckster your money at your own 2 Tim. 4:3 risk. End up in hell for followin’ false doctrine and a false teacher, it’s your own dumb fault. Don’t say I ain’t warn ya.)

Oh….it hurts….. *doubling over in pain*

Use the Force, Tony!

I knew something was up ever since ‘transdispensationalism’.

Melvin over at Pulpit Pimps notes:

Think about this: Evans is going to be appearing on stage (I refuse to say “in church”) with Cashflow Dollar, Robert Schuller, and Eddie Long. That’s a little like hearing that Cornell West will be participating in a conference being hosted by David Duke, the former Klan Grand Wizard and avowed racist.

Try as I might, I can’t think of a good reason for Evans to join up with these clowns. For goodness sake, he’s a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate. He got a degree that really means something. And now, after ten or so years of relative fame, he apparently throws in with the pimps.

Y’all pray for Pastor Evans, okay ?

(HT: Pulpit Pimps )