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Alive, Kicking and Kicking Some More….(updated)

School year’s back in full swing again.  I’ve been busy with stuff for work….. I’m now department chair for music, team leader for creative arts and doing a LOT more this year to set good things in motion for my band program and the school in general….including taking over the school website (which I will be debuting any day now….).

We have a new principal and he’s a pretty cool dude. As always, new administrations always have bumps and bruises as people adjust to new systems, but it looks like things are heading in the right direction for the school overall. Our 8th grade population seems to be stuck on trying to do as they please like they did last year…. and thankfully, discipline is about 80% consistent on behavior issues.  Teachers also have a lot more administrative support this year, provided they do THEIR jobs.

We have a new electronic grading system, so I’m grading more papers, making more phone calls and doing more things this year.

In regard to my album, I’ve been given some advice by two individuals close to me that I should reconsider – one, because of my age (hip hop is still a ‘young man’s game’)  and the time it will take for me to develop a more mature sound may take a while and two, because of TIME…I keep pushing this thing back and being overwhelmed with other issues.

I’m considering it all, seriously. I’m about to do a mailer to a few trusted friends and brethren in Christ for advice on this one and pray on it some more.  Either way, I’m going to probably just release the songs I’ve already recorded as free downloads and call it a day.  I still DJ, I still make good beats, so I’ll be ‘around’.

Besides, while I do feel that doing a hip hop album is simply an extension of my teaching ability (I could honestly care less about selling more units than necessary to break even and will probably give away more than I ever sell), I may just need to concentrate on framing biblical truth in conversation instead of rhyme.

I’ll be off from grad school for a little bit to catch my breath, then go back in and complete the last two classes. I’m working on a budget…and trying to remain consistent with it. I’ve been blessed in other areas that I’ll let in on as certain times draw nearer 🙂 Just keep a brother in prayer so that he can be consistent in all areas of his life.

Out for now. Probably spend part of that 16-18 weeks doing new videos, typing up stuff LONG overdue and so forth.

Oh, and I even got offered (unofficially) an adjunct position at my alma mater. 🙂 God is good.  Let me get ready for the rest of my renaissance…..

Additionally: Check the latest Thinking Biblically Commentary.  I talk about the election and ‘What if ________ loses ?’

Inspired by the great convos on the 5th.

Enjoy and be blessed.

Video podcast of it coming on Friday night along with an audio/mp3 for the feed on my site.

Announcing: Fourth Friday Fundamentals!

Blending Christ-centered lyrics and rhyme schemes, expositional preaching, sound Biblical doctrine and fellowship among the saints, a few dedicated brothers have banded together to bring Fourth Friday Fundamentals to the Baltimore area. The site is available at

Roughly patterned after First Friday Fundamentals (sponsored by Epiphany Fellowship in Philly), FFF stresses four things:

1. The Holiness of God

2. The Sinfulness of Man

3. The Problem of Man’s Sinfulness in Light of God’s Holiness

4. The Solution to the Problem: The Gospel

Hit the media page up, check the first two messages (which actually cover these first two topics!).

If you’re in the Baltimore area on this coming Friday ( 2/22/08), drop in. We’d LOVE to have you. Directions to the event (held at Believers’ Chapel in Baltimore, MD) are on the site.

Pass the word and tell some friends!


Okay, it’s been beyond forever since I’ve taken the time to blog. Some of you have thought I’ve fallen off the planet.

I’ve been through a few changes over the past few months. I’ve learned that some message boards are not the best places to have conversations and exchanges. I’m supposed to actually step completely back from posting on HCR for a while. A little difficult to do as an admin, but not impossible. Just going to take some discipline. Thank God for good brothers in Christ who are willing to tell you the truth about how you’ve been acting.

HCR is just like any other situation in life….if you constantly keep interacting with people who seek to do nothing but argue with you and make you look bad….you end up looking bad. I understand Paul’s admonition to avoid divisive people after a second warning. The temptation is always to respond back in the same fashion as those who attack you and what you believe.

Case in point – someone posted once asking for Calvinistic resources. They were seeking to understand reformed theology from a reformed perspective. Some guy who is a non-Calvinist pops in the thread and posts a link to some mess by Dan Corner, Bryson or one of the myriad reformed-bashers out there.

Well, I laid into dude and told him he was only out to cause confusion and that his post was symptomatic of most Calvinist-Arminian discussions on HCR. Arrogant and full of himself and wanting to cause an argument. He posts a bit back on how I came at him wrong (yes, imagine that….LOL) and how he just posted the link because he found it helpful and wasn’t trying to start an argument.

Now anyone paying half a bit o’ attention will notice:

1. It’s a thread asking for Calvinists to post links to Calvinistic resources.

2. The resource and the poster were both non-Calvinistic. With a smiley doing the ‘eyebrows raised’ thing with a sneaky smile, I might add.

Now, under normal circumstances, this could’ve been handled a lot calmer. But experience this for weeks on end…indeed, MONTHS on end… and you wear thin. Over the past few months, I’ve had random heretic vs Kerry arguments with folks, people re-asking the same questions, people doing things to cause arguments, people posting things to misrepresent reformed theology (taking advantage of the fact that some people on HCR don’t like to read anything long….) and spent hours on end typing up responses in defense of reformed theology, the Sovereignty of God, the Trinity and host of other issues including the usual defense of myself (since virtually every single attacker usually resorts to attacking me personally instead of dealing with the issue of whether or not Calvinism is taught in scripture or not).

So bad temper and ‘meanness’ start to show a bit more…even when you seek to sound ‘nice’ in the process. There’s a whole ‘snowball’ effect, because one or two people treat you like dirt (yes, they don’t notice their own attitude, actions, motives and sin…only YOURS….) everyone else joins in. You then move to defending yourself and in the process of typing many words, you encounter a Proverbs 10:19. And even if you don’t directly become sarcastic back to some of these folks, your attitude becomes one of defense and attack instead brethren to brethren.

I’m not saying all of HCR is bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, there are a lot of GOOD people there. But HCR is a snapshot of a lot of ‘the church’ today in America. But it’s always a few bad apples that spoil the bunch.

I ain’t leavin’ the place….but I just won’t be ‘there’ as much. I’ll be investing my time elsewhere…. or mostly elsewhere (also including here, but mainly on another project coming up).

Guess I’m just needin’ sometime to detoxify like I did back from November to March. All the daily arguments and back and forth wear you down.

In Better News…..

I flew to Sacramento for the Desiring God regional conference on the Pleasures of God. For those who haven’t read the book, Piper has chapters 1-3 up online. Good taking a new picture with him and seeing him again. I have the pics up in my photo album along with others.

Cali was good. It was a good feeling to kinda be away from home and visit somewhere new. I got to hang with Rachel, Olivia and Jessica for the conference and then later on Saturday in San Francisco, got to hang with Jeff and Claire too. Good peeps all the way around. Jeff caught this cool pic of me walking on the beach (Ocean Beach in San Francisco) right after sunset and his photography was beyond excellent. I need to e-mail him again and get all the pics.

There may be a few more things to write about one day.  I’ll let you know when the manifest themselves.

Work and grad school remain constant busy factors in my life.   Just waiting for a small break to happen soon, though I know that pretty much won’t come until Christmas break weekend.

Another ministry opportunity has arisen (the other reason I need to refrain from arguing needlessly on the internet with people who aren’t really interested in truth, but mainly just winning an argument….) and in the interest of keeping the reputation of my church clean, the reputation of myself clean and the reputation of the ministries I’m associated with clean,  I’ll be focusing my energies on blogging and articles.  I can get more done with a few good articles than with going back and forth with someone who really could or could not be legitimately asking a question.

On the Album Front….

In wisdom….BlackCalvinist is still BlackCalvinist in most of the blogsphere and on the internet.  But on the upcoming album, expect to see my new name: G.R.A.C.E. Preecha.  Those of you who’ve been reading this blog know that the only thing that’s changed is the ‘Black’ part of my old name. ;)   As soon as I get done re-vamping my music sites, I’ll be posting a release date for the album (which will now be January or something near to it….since the namechange requires re-recording 1-2 songs…..).   But the good news is that I’m done with every song for the album (as far as concepts go).  I have a little production to do for 1-2 songs, and a few 2nd and 3rd verses to write, along with finalizing my guest spots.   After that….. it’s academic.  I also figure it’ll give G.R.A.C.E. Preecha a bit of time to get things in order and people a bit of a chance to realize it’s me over the old name.

There are a few evangelistic things I plan on doing soon as well.

All things in due time.  Keep me, ministry, friends, school, work, ministry at church and my personal walk in prayer.  Colossians 3 is where I’m currently ‘stuck’.   There, 1 & 2  Timothy and Titus again.

Latest Acquisitions

Oh, that reminds me.

I’ll be driving up to Philly tonight for Everyday Process’s CD Release Party.

It took me a minute to pick their CD up and I bumped it earlier this morning while I was assembling and measuring out my new bookshelf. A few people have been telling me exactly what the CD was about and on the album, the guys confirmed it.

They spit the gospel. :)

They spit the gospel. :)

For my non-black folk who aren’t used to urban terminology, when a rapper (also called an emcee or MC) says that they are ‘spitting’ about something, that means that they are rapping about whatever it is.

So, EP….raps about the gospel (they spit the gospel).

Did I mention, they spit the gospel ?

I’m going to do a full review on the CD in a few days after I get used to being back at work again (yes, my break has vaporized…).

The second CD is Believin’ Stephen’s “What I Believe EP”. He’s got 9 songs on there, and I’ve heard most of them already – either via his Myspace page or in person. Steve gets better every time he picks up a mic.

I ordered his CD, but I have a feeling that it’s accidentally getting shipped to the wrong address (thanks to me not updating my old address in paypal…but I use it so rarely, I forgot until AFTER I’d already hit send….).

I’m going to videotape a little of the event tonight and probably put up YouTube Clips. Even if I can get some ‘short interviews’, that’ll be cool. :D (and in HHH, there are no superstars – everybody already knows everybody and people are just people after they step off the stage. Walk up and talk with and to folks.)

So keep the Process in prayer and keep Steve in prayer.

Brandon’s CD release party is next weekend. I don’t have his CD yet, but I will. :)

Aight, time to get moving. At the very least, I need to get an oil change before I leave today.


Head Banging.


I’m debating on if I’m going to add any of what I did yesterday to my Myspace page.

I’m going to wait a little while – till I get closer to completing the project. You know how as a kid, if you had a surprise, part of you just wants to burst and let everybody and their momma know about it ? But if you let it out too early, it won’t be a surprise ?

Yeah, I’m feeling that. :D

Praise God. It’s in progress. :)

Oh yeah, I twisted my hair myself. :) Pics comin’ soon….


HCR Cypha….. it’s up!

16 bars to spit (which used to be on my page) was my contribution to the HCR cypha. Now that the track is up, I’ve pulled it from my page.

Done just for fun by ctide.

The emcees (in order):

AVW (from england)
ctide (the producer)

Beat Chex (ctide’s little brother….)

Thought their verses were interesting. I like AVW’s accent. I wish mont had a better microphone – his lyricism was good, but delivery was a bit off. What’s also cool is that he used screen names of folk on the board in his…..


and no, everyone in the cypha isn’t a Calvinist.

Here’s the link. Click on the second song (HCR Cypha). It’s also downloadable. 🙂


Why HOLY Hip Hop Will Never Be Popular….

Last night was absolutely great. 🙂 I got to meet quite a few people who’d been visiting my site as well as people from HCR and many others. Azriel, Timothy and Stephen Brindle, Lee (Spokenword) and Izreal Felix performed to open up for CHRISTcentric and it was great. At the start, I opened us up with 2 songs and a quick prayer.

It was good.

But aside from just the fellowship and the chance to talk with folks after ministering, it was just the fact that the Biblical gospel was clearly presented last night….. THAT was the true blessing of the night. Prayerfully, people were challenged to change their lives, repent from their sin, and turn to Christ alone for their salvation.

Thinking more over the night, I reflected on lyrics spit by Az, Tim, Steve, Lee (who had this HAWTE song describing election and predestination) as well as they lyrics spit by CHRISTcentric….

If Holy Hip Hop is truly Holy (set apart for the service of Christ)…. then it will NEVER be mainstream. It will NEVER be popular with the majority of the culture.

If the Biblical gospel is being preached – not a ‘feel good’ message, not a motivational speech sprinkled with scripture, but the actual Biblical gospel touching on the life, death, substitutionary atonement, resurrection and Lordship of Christ….faith, repentance from sin, mankind’s condition before a Holy God, the wrath of God awaiting all men at the end of life…..

If this gospel is truly preached in the lyrics of those who spit gospel rap, it won’t be popular. It’ll NEVER be popular.

Just like people love prosperity and feel-good messages, but they don’t like anything which deals with sin. They want to leave church feeling good. Indeed, folk like Joel Osteen even tell you they don’t deal with sin, hell, etc…. and their churches balloon.

Mankind doesn’t like to be confronted with its’ own wickedness (Jeremiah 17:9). That’s why Adam and Eve hid in the garden. They didn’t want to be face to face with the God who made them and they felt shame because of their sin.

So anything that seeks to present the WHOLE Biblical gospel… even the ‘unpleasant’ parts…. won’t be popular. Won’t be mainstream.

Sure, a ‘feel good’ message will be popular. A ‘Jesus, Savior from all my social ills and lonliness’ will be popular. A ‘Jesus, Savior from my poverty and sickness’, will be very popular. After all… who doesn’t want to have more money, never get sick and live a nice life with little-to-no drama ?

But the Biblical gospel is devoid of such cotton-candy life. And the life of the Christian, according to scripture, has a guarantee of persecution and suffering in it.

Not riches.

Not prosperity.

Not ‘wealth’.

Not perfect physical healing (no matter how much you yank Isaiah 53 out of context).

Just a few thoughts. Ruminate on them a while.



New Blog Entry at ‘Holy Hip Hop and Me’

New Blog entry on ‘Hip Hop and Me’ (my other blog connected to my MySpace Page. You’ll also get a little (just a little) update on the album while you’re there.

Indeed, Romans 8:28 is true.

Aight, I’m taking tomorrow off as well. This week is shot, for the most part and I have to get ready for Friday (for CHRISTcentric’s release party – which I’ll actually be emceeing!).

Keep a brutha lifted up in prayer.


City of God Drops TODAY!!!

The group that keeps cats in their Bibles is back and they are doctrinal as ever!

You’ve learned of The Mind of Christ.

You’ve joined the Reformation.

Now, CHRISTcentric returns with their third group project entitled City of God . This project provides a crystal-clear lyrically guided tour through both present and future realities for the believer as a citizen in God’s kingdom. Best of all, they’ve brought PLENTY friends along for the journey.

You’ll see the awesome power and strength of our God in His unstoppable plan for the church as Q-D.O.G. and Evangel deliver sound biblical teaching on ‘A Mighty Fortress’. You’ll bow before the throne of grace as Voice leads us in head-bobbin’ praise and worship to ‘Worthy is the Lamb’. Evangel will take you through a lyrical tour of God’s redeeming and keeping His people throughout time with ‘Redemptive History’. You’ll nod your head to The Gathering as Steve and Timothy Brindle, Ackdavis, Fundamental, Q-D.O.G., Voice, Apologist, Azriel and Evangel all bring the lyrical heat while pointing the listener to a time when all of the saints will gather as one to praise God and fellowship for eternity. Additional guest appearances include J-Nine and Roldan, OrthodoX, Optimus of Reformed Ordinance!

Q, Evangel and Apologist don’t just hit you with happy topics. The brothers dig in deep to the purpose of music in the church and what the mission of Holy Hip Hop should be with Didactic Music. Holy Hip Hop emcees – take note!

This and much more await you! 16 tracks – all fire (including a remix of ‘The Gathering’) – with production by the Apologist, David Amezaga and LOS 1 da Scientist, this CD is guaranteed to edify, encourage, challenge and stimulate your growth in Christ.

Did we mention this album was hot ?

The album drops TODAY December 5, 2006 !!!! COP IT!

Yeah, this is the official promo, but I speak of the CD from having had a preview copy (the full CD) for about 3 weeks now. If you love Holy Hip Hop and desire sound doctrine, you’ll LOVE this CD.

Get it! I’ll probably do a full review on it soon enough.


The Doctrines of Grace Summarized……

See if you can catch the scriptural references :)

I might actually have to use this for something.