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Alive…working…writing ….editing….here’s T4G Part 3….

I’m still editing T4G video, as you’ve noticed.  I’ve also filmed several other segments and things I’ll be uploading in due...

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The Gathering 7/4/08 and FFF 6/24/08

A little behind on the last broadcast of The Gathering, but it’s up! The latest broadcast discusses the doctrine of Adoption and the implications...

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Things never let up.  Three days of workshops, time spent with girlfriend, working on paper, spend time with my father (yes, my father) AND my other...

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School year at an end….praise GOD!

Maaaaan, it’s been a crazy year. Thankfully, we’re down to the last six days.  I have one LAST performance for my kids to do this evening...

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T4G08 – Video Highlights – The Bookstore

I’m starting to edit that 2 hours of video I’ve got. :)  Everything gets better as all of the clips go on.  Here’s the first one…....

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Home and Editing T4G08 video….

Well, what can I say ? T4G 08′ was more than a blast. It was spiritually refreshing to be in the presence of so many like-minded brethren. If you...

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You’re now looking at….

….the newest edition of my blog. Not only have I transferred all the posts from b2spamolution over here and the comments, but I’ve also managed...

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By the way…..if you’d like to leave a comment….

you must register AND then shoot me an e-mail at blog at theologicallycorrect dot com so I’ll know you’re a real person. If I’m right,...

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The Battle against the Spammage….

Well, you’ll notice it’s been a while since I posted. You’ll also notice that since the 4th, there was this ‘error’ message...

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