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Comments on the Soul Factory/Soldier’s Outreach/Church of the Lord’s Disciples…..

…….or whatever Deron Cloud is calling them this year.

You might remember hearing about this church last year doin’ a 70’s -themed ‘worship’ service, which looked more like a scene straight out the club.

You might have heard about them giving away free gas or passing out groceries.

You might have heard about his ‘draminars’ – drama-oriented seminars designed to teach some Biblical moral.

I’m always immediately suspect when you have to entertain people in order to get them to come to church.

It shows a LACK of trust in God’s Word being simply preached as is being powerful enough to SAVE.

Now I know a few of you have questions – what about Holy Hip Hop ? Aren’t you entertaining people there ? Could be in some cases and some groups. But most of the groups I listen to and promote have folk in them who can sit still without needing to hear every verse of scripture rhymed over a tight beat. And they encourage people to do the same. So the ‘draw’ is the Word of God, not the music. In addition, most of the folk I listen to are explicitly scriptural in their presentation – meaning they actually QUOTE SCRIPTURE, not just present some nice rhyme scheme according to a particular teaching.

Anyway, back to where we were (and you’ll have to pardon me for not rambling further, but I’m not feeling well today).

Over on HCR, this very topic came up. A former member at this particular church/fellowship/gathering, had these words to say about it. Her words are hers.

I used to be an active member of this organization (it’s hard for me to call it a “church fellowship” because my knowledge of the Word or character of God wasn’t necessarily deepened while there for six years, though I thought it was) until a few things happened that made me realize that I wasn’t being equipped to be a witness for Christ because of lack of contextual Scripture teaching. There was a lot of hoopla and activity and promotion of the name “Soul Factory” and upliftment of the pastor’s name … but sound doctrine? Nah. What we received along the lines of preaching were good sermons and series on how to improve our lives (in terms of how to deal with anger, finances, relationships, etc.) and Scripture intertwined utilized to support the sermon.

Not Scripture standing alone, and meaning being pulled from the true context of the Word.

Once I switched to a fellowship were I was being taught the Word line-upon-line (and where the people inevitably were more biblical in their attitutes and actions since they were being taught correctly) I had no desire whatsoever to go back. When I saw the new site yesterday, it confirmed what I know now but couldn’t see while I was there: that though Christ is shouted from the rooftops, He’s really an afterthought there. Everything that’s done there is based on noncontextual Scripture, and the ideas of man. Then the Word is conformed to what was decided beforehand. It’s all often based on how they can get more folk into the church – not more folk intimate with Christ. Again, if you’re there and not familiar with sound doctrine, you would disagree with me until Kingdom come.

As you suggested, BC, once the thousands come in, lurred by the jazz and the sounds of the praise team and the plays and the productions and the free carwashes … what will they get?

Will they be looking for more free carwashes?

Cloud’s site is here:

The original thread is here:

Interesting…. she says Again, if you’re there and not familiar with sound doctrine, you would disagree with me until Kingdom come.metimes have to keep this in mind when I visit boards where folk like HCR, where a lot of the people on the boards mean well, but they are very spiritually immature. Talking critically about the ‘milk’ they’ve been raised up on usually catches their ire, much like taking away a dirty blanket or old moldy teddy bear from a child throws him/her into fits over their ‘toy’.

So I sometimes holster my guns when walking into some of these places. Some folk haven’t been used to thinking, much less thinking theologically, so they don’t see the necessary implications of their thought and certain teachings in relation to the whole of what scripture teaches. In a nutshell, some peoples’ theology just needs time to grow up.

So perhaps Eve’s statements above should not only be taken as a criticism for those caught up in movements like this, but also as a lesson and a warning to be a bit ‘nicer’ for folk like us who have a bit more solid Biblical teaching underneath of them.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Amika [Visitor]

    Interesting word choices in your opening statement. You wrote that you’re always suspect when you have to entertain people to get them to come to church. Who says he has to entertain people? I mean when I’m invited to a fellowship I often become a main character. I’m certainly not one of those people who feels like they have to have that attention to feel good. I’m really just funny, it’s a gift, I like making people laugh, and yet anyone who knows me isn’t surprised to me somewhere not joking, beacause I also have a serious side. Obviously Deron is gifted with being able to entertain people perhaps he just enjoys using his gift. It reminds of a man from galilee, who at twelve understood the scriptures well enough to interpret them to learned rabbis at the temple. Oddly enough however, when he taught people the word of God he taught it in parables, entertaining stories, he didn’t only preach the scriptures. I think that his plays and draminars are parables with lights and soundboards. You mentioned his seventies themed worship service looked like something straight out of the club. What do you think it looked like to the seeing Jesus a jew with gentiles and prostitutes, remember that at the wedding he didn’ty turn the water into wine because they had none it was because they’d run out and he figured they could use more, I’m sure there are lots of people who didn’t think that appeared very holy either. Did you really realize that in your reference to the groups you promote you were implying that Deron doesn’t know the word of God or doesn’t encourage people to do the same? I know you’d get a great deal of argument from the congregation in that regard having been a member there I know that I was encouraged to be able to read my word daily without any distraction or tight beats, many of my fellow members were also drawn to the word enough to make a regular part of their lives. And what of the people who can’t sit still and listen to scripture,those who are immature perhaps those who have been so turned off by church and the judgmental, spiteful people within it that they stop listening when it begins to resemble church, don’t they need to be reached too? Those were the ones Christ was reaching, those too spiritually immature to follow jewish laws, those who had been so hurt by jews who thought they were so much better that he chose to teach in parables that didn’t sound like temple.

    So Eve says that she received good sermons on how to improve our lives with scripture used to support them. Perhaps that is why her understanding wasn’t deepened because it is being a hearer and doer of the word that improves(at the very least) your life. The rest of the sermon is practical application of the scripture. He tells you the scrpture which is what you need to live by the rest is how to live by it and what that looks like, so that you don’t ever confuse things like casting judsgement on people you don’t know or people who don’t worship the same way you worship with living a Christ filled life. So the people were inevitably more biblical at another fellowship for Eve, perhaps that is because she in the six years she spent not really gaining a deeper understanding of the word she gravitated to those who also lacked a deeper understanding. There’s also the distinct possibility that just as Jesus was misjudged and falsely accused of heresy that perhaps you are also misjudging and falsely accusing. Then it’s possible that the word wasn’t being taught in the way that best suited her. I mean there were twelve disciples who ministered differently, John the Baptist in his animal skins and wild ways took a different approach than Jesus, The Bible reiterates certain truths in different ways because we understand some ways better than others. Different ways are sometimes just different I’m not sure why so many people feel the need to prioritize them in order of perceived holiness. Eve I’m glad you found your place, but if the Soul Factory didn’t reach you it doesn’t mean it can’t reach anyone, I know that Christ is no afterthought for Deron, myself or many others. It’s really difficult to get people intimate with Christ when you don’t have them in church to begin with, rest assured that the classes on better understanding the word and the context if the word taught there are filled with people who already love God and are trying to understand how to better serve him, but they started by coming to church. Eve should recall before she dismisses the arguments of those who disagree as the arguments of those unfamiliar with sound doctrine that although the Bible is filled with the parables of Jesus and his radical ways he was indeed quite learned in terms of doctrine you cannot automatically conflate disagreement with lack of understanding. What will the thousands get after they are lured in by the free gas and carwashes, and the plays, hopefully a deeper understanding and a relationship with God, not too unlike what the thousands who were lured in by the miracles, the radicalism, the healings. And some will indeed expect more car washes and will walk away sad, but some will meet God and gain everlasting life.

  2. Wow… did you type all that in one sitting or breathe in-between ?

    I’ll come back and comment on it one day soon. Got more important things to deal with at the moment.

  3. Amika [Visitor]

    one quick sitting hence the many typos,my apologies.

  4. Terry Pate [Visitor]

    Amika did indeed say much and with much insight. BlackCalvanist need not return because just like the five virgins who went out at the last minute to buy oil for their lamps and missed the bridegroom, so he too miss the meaning of the message. I listed my name but just know that I’ve been truly “educated” by the very messages Amika spoke of, BEFORE I had even heard of Deron Cloud. Don’t knock the messenger just because you don’t understand the message. You have not (full understanding) because you ask not GOD!

  5. Small note, Terry – learn to spell ‘Calvinist’ (i, not a) before you comment. 🙂

    Second, it’s my blog. I can comment as much as I’d like to. 🙂

    Third, re-read what’s posted above. The message is very well understood…. the problem is…. it’s the wrong message.

  6. Amika [Visitor]

    Very well understood though none of your comments seemed based on personal experience. I’m confused as to how you seem so interested in understanding theology but would dismiss an entire congregation without having experienced them. I can’t help but to think you might have dismissed Jesus as well without having seen him. Thank you Terry!

  7. Terry Pate [Visitor]

    Alright, CALVINIST! True it’s your blog and I’m not mad at you; however, it is also a judgement call to indicate that what’s going on at The Soul Factory is the “wrong message”. Since when were you ordained and left the HNIC on this Earth? God give many gifts and talents to different people. It is the responsibility of the believer to go before God (and NOT the opine of other people) in determining how they are to use those gifts and items to better serve Him. Scripture tells us that we must be wise to win souls but since you appear to be of the defensive mindset, I will let this matter be. And although this is not MY blog, it IS my opinion/comment. Perhaps you may want to reconsider having the option to comment removed from YOUR blog if your intention is to correct people on minor grammatical spellings, which is irrelevant to the subject matter. Be blessed, my brother and I’d like to invite you out to join us in praising God one Sunday (0800, 0930, or 1115) or Wednesday night (1930). You just might be blessed with a word or two (from GOD) via Deron, Jill, Ed, Roy, Donna, or Lisa, that will open your insight into the Word from a non-traditional perspective.

  8. Since when were you ordained and made HNIC of anything to tell me I’m wrong ? That’s mighty hypocritical of you in light of you making comments about calling a particular message wrong.

    The question is not whether a person has the right to say something is right or wrong or not.

    The question is: is there validity to the statment or not ?

    That’s what I’ll address when I respond back here, since you or Mika really have said much other than ranting at length. I have a conference to speak at on Friday and Saturday, so this week’s busy for me. In time, I’ll touch on Mika’s points and possibly yours.

    Take care. 🙂

  9. Terry Pate [Visitor]

    Reread my text. I did NOT call the message wrong…YOU did! (Incidentally, one is not a hypocrite for asking a question but in how they live! But, you are entitled to your opinion.) I simply questioned your “authority” to call the teaching at the Soul Factory “heresy and screwy teaching” when all you allegedly have to go on are the words of a former member. However, enough said, my brother. May God richly bless you in all of your endeavors and know that no facetiousness nor offensiveness was ever intended.

  10. I understood what you were saying, Terry.

    What I said was this – both of us can make a statement about a message being wrong (in your case, you believe that I’m wrong about the message from DC being the wrong message). It’s not a matter of ‘who ordained you blah blah blah’, but whether or not there is any validity in what’s being said.

    I have listened to Soul Factor/Church of the Lord’s Disciples/That 70’s Church messages, so you’re mistaken about my only ‘experience’ being on the word of a former member.

    Check through the articles on the main site (the link in the middle up there^^^). 🙂 I do my homework before I open my mouth.

    All that said, I’ll drop full replies to you both after this week’s activities are done with. I already know you don’t understand exactly where I’m coming from (as seen in your replies), so I’ll explain things in better detail then.

    Three things can ‘prep’ you both for that, in the meantime.

    #1 is to check out Paul Washer’s sermon on Matthew 7 that he spoke to 5,000 youth at an SBC convention:

    #2 is to check out the latest sermon by my Pastor on the subject of what the church should look like:

    #3 is to catch up to a back post on here where I laid out a few things:
    One here: Kids need theology too! and the other here: T4G Analysis: Opening Statement and Commentary

    You’re both intelligent. You can put 1+2+3 together and probably figure out what I’m going to say before I even type it. If you should have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them after this week.

    God Bless and take care.

  11. Ivy Cooper [Visitor]

    WOW…this is a HEATED discussion…so tempting to join in! Well, let me start by saying…I grew up in the “traditional” pentecostal church for 22 years. I KNEW the “Word of God” inside and out. I even went to Christian school for 13 years. So, the Bible was definitely written in my mind and heart. However, in those arenas I was NEVER equipped on HOW to apply those scriptures to TRUE life situations. I was just as much a whore, liar, cheater,etc. as anyone in “the world” (using churchy Upon my very first visit to the Soul Factory my life was impacted. I was amazed at the way Deron addressed true to life issues without dancing around the truth. He didn’t hide BEHIND the Bible he used it as the “sword” that it is…to cut deep into the mess that was in my life. His delivery given with raw language, and unapologetic directness was EXACTLY what I needed to help me be delivered from years of denial. The way that Deron used the annointing on his life and his own personal story helped me to be open to the Truth of God. Every since that day I have never been the same and I continue to be delivered, grow, and learn more about myself, my fellow man, my culture, and my God at the Soul Factory.

    Those who are quick to look at the Soul Factory and judge its method have not taken the time to actually HEAR the message. Sometimes when we are AFRAID of the truth, we tend to be quick to criticize anyone who brings it to us because we are hiding from any form of the truth. McDonald’s is not the only person that sells hamburgers. We have Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. This is because the key to marketing is understanding that PEOPLE HAVE PREFERENCE. We are so quick to say that one method is wrong and another is right. I believe that is is more about preference. Some prefer the traditional method of church, at the Soul Factory we celebrate the freedom of being the “unchurched”. There are those that need the pews, robes, and hymns in order to feel saved. Then there are the S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S….and we know that the blood of Jesus is not given its power via a robe, hymn or a pew! The annointing sits inside the souls of the SOLDIERS who have wear jeans, dress up for 70s and Hip Hop Sunday, and get down with Chuck Brown! Let’s not limit the power of the blood….if you need to have all that formality and tradition to convince YOURSELF that you are saved, then you may need to question your faith in God. I myself know that when I was wearing robes, sittin in pews, and singing PLENTY of hymns…I was still lost. So if God sent a man, such as Deron Cloud who could reach me via go-go, plays, car washes…WHATEVER. Then I thank God for such a man, because who knows where I would be now??????

  12. Joy C. [Visitor]

    I agree with Amika and Ivy’s approach to this topic. For those who claim themselves to be Bible scholars, who did Jesus interact with? Was it the religious Pharisees or was he with thieves,whores,destitute,societies down-trodden?

    You answer that and you tell me how a man whose call is for those same people is wrong? In Ephesians 3:7 Paul states, “I became a servant of the gospel, by the gift of GOd’s grace give me…Although I am less that the least of all God’s people, this grace was given to me to preach to the Gentiles(unchurche)…and make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery.

    Paul also later states “i became all things to all men, that I might win some.” Back to Jesus and how Amika said earlier that he spoke in parables, and is not he the main example of who we are to be? I’m not here to persuade any one either way. Just here to say be careful of who you put your mouth on. The Bible talks about how the bear came out and devoured the people for opening their mouth against the man of God…be ye careful!

  13. Wow. Lots of comments to tackle…. mostly all saying the same thing and misquoting scripture. Time to roll up the sleeves…..

  14. Drew [Visitor]

    This was my response to Eve’s comments.

    As you read this imagine Gnarles Barkley-Crazy rocking in the background.

    The real Church consists of all who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ as his disciples, and are one in love, in character, in hope, in Christ as the head of all, though as the body of Christ it consists of many parts.
    Smith, W. 1997. Smith’s Bible dictionary. Thomas Nelson: Nashville

    Eve you are an intelligent sister who has lost her way. Your intellect is allowing you to act like a pharisee. God does not have a one size fits all approach.

    You paint a one-sided picture of the Soul Factory but at the same time mention you were there for six years (although you make it a point to dismiss you grew at all during that time, which as an adult you need to take some responsibility for not growing). As a former teacher Eve I’m sure you recognized that your students had different learning styles. In the same light churches have different teaching styles, no one better than the other. What I’m angry at is your put down of the Soul Factory. There are a few thousand people who are growing in Christ, myself included. If I stop growing God gives me free will to move on as you did but don’t look back and spit in God’s face by degrading what God is doing in and through the Soul Factory. Why couldn’t you move on without having the Soul Factory in your mouth? Where is that bitterness coming from (I don’t need to know, that’s for you not me)? God is in the Soul Factory and God is in your church…can we a agree that with God that is possible?

    Eve, can you suspend your bias for a moment and be honest with your audience and tell them about some of the good you experienced in the Soul Factory without using the word “but”? I served with you on ministry for 3-4 years, maybe more. To come full circle now to read what you have to say is amazing. I grew during that time and I’m still growing. My growth wasn’t based on the church alone. Sermons often serve as a catalyst for me to get off my butt and do the work God puts in my spirit to do. I say that to say you need to take ownership of your relationship with Christ and not blame the church otherwise you may find yourself writing similar comments about your current church in six years. I think you’re having an amygdalla hijack (Do you still hear Gnarles Barkley-Crazy rocking?:-).

    From day one the Soul Factory has ministered to my spirit in a way that is “relevant” to me. It’s not for everyone. Because it’s not for you don’t tear it down. Instead of bashing our body for serving OUR community I challenge you to use your energy for good and bring that spirit to your life and your church. Why do we still have to act like field niggas versus house niggas. The black community has so much power but it will never be manifested if we’re about choosing sides versus acting as one. If a family in need gets free pampers, chicken, etc., how can you cast a negative light on that by saying it’s about bringing people in. Can’t you see God in that. Let me appeal to your intellect-If the church feeds the homeless, the forgotten, etc and they decide to come to church they come in the door broke and broken. So it’s not about the money y’all, it’s about souls, get it, it’s about souls.

    If Jesus came today do you think he would be sitting in the pew getting sound doctrine or would he be on the streets trying to save the lost? After you get sound doctrine that’s suppose to inspire you to take it to the streets (take action). Don’t puff yourself up so ou can debate someone about scripture. If you meet a man on the road who is hungry you don’t hit ’em with a “Praise the Lord,” you hit ’em with a ham sandwich.

    It’s about putting God first y’all so let’s stop the my church is better than your church crap.

    Holla at this SOLDIER(S) for life

    Now-BlackCalcinist, I know you plan on breaking it down but can we all get off our intellectual high horse and talk about how God is showing himself true in our lives.

    CAN WE STOP PUTTING GOD IN A BOX!? I wear size 13, what size do you wear?

  15. Simply, I was a member of the Church of the Lord’s Disciples for years. Personally knew the pastor. I was intrigued and excited about Christ for the first time ever — since I did not grow up as a Christian, and was formally a Muslim. However, one day — after having a conversation with my sister who had just joined a small ministry — I found it increasingly difficult to answer some of the more germane questions that she was asking me about the Word. My understanding was remedial; my responses…rote. She challenged me to crystallize myself within Christ by daring to experience the “difference” of a ministry teaching sound doctrine. I scoffed at her. But after several months, and my natural decline became more apparent…I took her up on the challenge.

    I left that church and never looked back.

    Even now, I have acquaintances who still attend the Soul Factory (I cringe when I type/hear/say that name), and you don’t have to say much. My pastor used to say, live a life that conveys.

    Pastors and churches don’t need defense attorneys. And that’s all I see in here — a whole defense team for Deron. When you live a life that conveys…you don’t need a defense. Christ is.

    …but I digress. Places like the Soul Factory are what ultimately turned me off to Christianity and church people, alike. Still love Christ. But church people? Naw. Can’t use ’em.

  16. Joy C. [Visitor]

    In response to Drew…I agree with the church bashing needs to cease, that’s why the community has a negative view on the church as a whole now!

    Now Nina…I dont understand how you had no answers for general questions about the Word of God. That is an individual problem, it is our job as creatures of the Ultimate Creature to study what His plan is for our lives. Even in the Bible the Church of Corinth went and searched the scriputres that Paul preached. If you did that then you would have a clear and consice answer to your friends questions. The Bible also says “study to show thyself approved” so that you won’t stumble when your life stand is questioned. That in now way has to do with ANY church affiliation whether it be Roadside Baptist, Emanual Pentacostal Church, or the Soul Factory, etc. No one here is a cheerleader for Deron Cloud…he cheers his own self on with the understanding of what God has done his life, understanding that this is what he has been called to do. Just as you are walking your journey of life. Now what I And others ARE doing, is giving a different outlook to the religious condemnations of an organization. Now the fact that you have such a distasteful attitude of the Soul Factory, means you need to learn to forgive and move on. No one here has said that this church is the best thing on earth at this time, but what we are doing by helping our community in the D.C. metropolitan area is undeniably having a positive effect.

    I pray for your hearts,and minds.

  17. Drew [Visitor]

    You’re right about the defense team (in this case the defense team helps to remind folks that a coin has two sides). When you try to tear down my pastor or the church you tear me down. If an individual attacked someone or something you loved I would hope that you would come to their or it’s defense…that’s human nature.

    My question to everyone who is focused on the Soul Factory not teaching “sound doctrine”, biblically, what is the role of the church? And since we’re talking about sound doctrine I would like sources for your answer so I can study for myself. from injury, damage, defect, desease, etc.; healthy, robust (I think God already broke this one down that none of us qualify spiritually speaking).2.financially strong, secure, or reliable.3.competent,sensible, or valid.4.having no defectas to truth, justice,wisdom,or reason.5.of substantial or enduring character.6.following in a systemic pattern without any apparent defect in logic.

    doctrine-1.a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion, government, etc.

    2.that which is taught;teachings

    Somebody hit me back with some sound doctrine.

    Back in the day dogs used to be trained by punishing them when they didn’t do what the trainer wanted them to do. Over time it was discovered that it was much more beneficial to reward them when they performed the command corectly. There is a much better learner curve when you reward the behavior you want. Black people, for years we’ve been trained to tear each other down. Can we try something new. When you see or hear about the Soul Factory or anyone else giving back to the community or another life gets changed, say to yourself, “That’s God.”

    To the young lady who got excited about God at the Soul Factory but needed to move on…That may have been the path God had for you. In your own words got met you at the Soul Factory and God met you at your new church. Whereever you are He desires to be right there with you. I’m still at the Soul Factory and God has not left me for 8+ years. The evidence is my life.

    For my sound doctrine folk…read Luke 10:25-37

    Stop bucking God and how He does his thing. Those who frown on the Soul Factory stop trying to be experts of the law. I encourage you to be that Samaritan (who in his flesh, had reason not to stop-study the relationship between Jews and Samaritans), build instead of tearing down.

    Now, put your guns away because this is another failed assasination attempt:) GOD LIVES…Inside you, inside me, inside the Soul Factory, inside your home, inside your touch. And as far as I can tell he arrives at each location in a different way and in a different outfit. He knows how to dress for the occasion.

  18. Wow. Lots of mutual admiration going on.

    I’m closing comments on this one, I’ll respond to you all corporately (since there’s a lot of the same stuff being said over and over…. ) in one or two upcoming posts on “The Church and Worship”. Comments will be open on that one, and you’ll get a chance to respond there. You all have given me a lot to write on, and it’s funny – in my recent talk on the Word of Faith movement (last weekend), I addressed the root causes of some of the very thinking espoused in most of your responses. 🙂

    Keep your eye on the front page.

    Grace and Peace,

  19. Tonya

    Hello Everyone….

    I’m kinda new to this site, and I want to say that I have read some interesting comments here. I want to start by saying that like many of you, I was raised up in the traditional church beginning in the Southern Baptist tradition, baptised in it, and sang in the choir since age 10. I was choir director, pianist, all that had to do with music ….but at that time, I really had no idea why there was no impact. That was all it was…tradition. I received the gift of the holy Spirit when I was in college, but was still just scamming the surface. I was’nt until about 9 years later I began to get moreunderstanding of who god was. I knew of Him, but not knowing Who He really is…and I believe we will spend a lifetime on getting to know Him, because God is just so big! I guess what I’m really trying to get at is that people are people , no matter how spiritual they may be , what position they may have in the church, or how many tongues they may speak in. Nobody is perfect or ever will be. God deals with people right where they are. We’ve gotten so “churched up” that we forget that there are people out there that have been deceived by the church itself. Most of us have been hurt mostly by people in the church. I will say that I was definately impacted by DC, because of his different approach of truth. This is reality, and the people have got to be reached…and its through the giftings and talents that are given to us as the tools to win them…mainly for the unbelievers.

    Be Blessed!


  20. Anonymous

    Honestly I see a lot of people keep talking about one person, and I admit I skimmed, but lets take the focus off him and put it on Christ, that’s the problem are you serving man or are you serving God? It’s a sermon that teaches ppl pleasing, but are we pp pleasing when we are afraid to speak our true opinions because of what ppl may think, or b/c how you’ve seen ppl exiled from this group of people for no apparent reason, and continually black-balled behind close doors. I’ll say practice what you preach, you scream forgiveness and having an open heart and mind, then why are you so defensive when someone states their opinion. Is it a personal attack on you? Do you have a personal relationship with Christ where he directs your path and he can instruct you on what he wants you to do. If you missed a month of church would you feel empty or lost, not knowing what direction to follow, or would you recognize God’s voice for yourself. Like Isaic when he instructed Jacob? HAve you developed and unnatural codependan relationship there?

    There is nothing wrong with fellowship, among like minded pople, but at what point to you check in and ask for discernment of your own. When do you look past the surface and dig deep into what people say! Instead of criticizing these people challenge their comments, by going to church and see if you dont get whisicle anticdotes to defining the Bible or do you get a disecction of the word that leads to an explanation, not enhances one already given! Then do your own self-study and see what you get from the BIBle itself!

    Do you know wjhat really goes on behind closed doors of an “transparent” minister. Do you ever think what the sin was that was committed that could have had this man arrested for years that he “mysteriously eluded”? Does that not concern you…do you know the true history of the man you follow or the one thats glossed over to attract more peope! Do you ever wonder what was his mentors offense or past life that his enemies said if you ever stop preaching I’ll kill you! This sounds like there is a past that needs to be addressed. Yes, God forgives us for our sins, but when your sheep don’t know the extent of these sins, when do you think about how it can affect your future!

  21. Jadagiles

    I have to say it saddens me with the bickering and name calling, can we just say we have different points of view and agree to disagree? (I do appreciate your passion on the topic as well) : )

    My sister and I went to DC church for a while, loved the groups he put out as well as plays/skits each Sunday but once I left and the novelty wore off what did I have???

    I can’t say what the next person may or may not have gotten out of his place of worship, but I was more exposed to the scriptures but didn’t know how to apply it to my life, I seemed to leave with more questions than i came in with…

    Being more mature in Christ now I don’t regret the experience because it was just for a “season” and that season passed quickly and left me with a yearning for a greater knowledge of Christ word which I now have and receive daily..

    Lastly please remember there is a difference between being a Christian and church folks.

    Love You All,

  22. All im going to say is do you think GOD would be pleased with turning r&b songs into gospel???? Would you be the least uncomfortable playing Go-Go in GOD”S face???? I would! How can you usher in the HOLY SPIRIT this way???? Oh i forgot speaking in tongues is not allowed LOL! Why do you need to hand out papers at the beginning of service is the bible not enough???? Who goes around to churches trying to steal people for the praise team???? Arent you supposed to be called by GOD to be used in ministry not just because you can sing or play an instrument?????? Need I say anymore!!!!!!!!

  23. Michelle C

    WOW. I was there for for or five years and can only speak of my own real experiences there. I was spirutually immature and I thought that any place with the name church in it was of God. I am so glad that God removed me and my family from that place as well as most of my friends. The proof of how I felt it was un Christ like was because if you left the members acted as if they did not know you-did not want to have anything to do with you as if it were a cult. MY experience and I can only speak for myself…the leader of my small group fellowship was his very close assistant and she made my life hell. I could not do anything without her permission-if any of her friends saw me trying to join the choir (for example) they calle dher on her cell phone and she then called me to see what I was doing and why. It was a very controlling place. One person said that my problem was that I was listening to other pastos – as if I could only listen/learn from one. These are all characteristics of a cult. I am not bashing just sharing my experience. Now that I know the Lord for myself, have a relationship with Him – this could not happen ever again. I fear for those babes in Christ, new converts who cannot decipher or discern and get trapped by man’ preaching of pet peeves and idiosyncracies. It’s really, really sad. God has allowed the wheat to grow alongside the tares and He will have the final say!!!

  24. Interesting that this convo is still going on.

    Michelle – although I was unmarried at the time of this original post, my wife (I got married earlier this year) went to this church for a year before she realized ‘Hey! i’m not getting taught anything here!’ A lot of the same things mentioned by you are typical of many ‘niche’ churches like this.

    The rest of the cliché and slogan-slinging isn’t really worth commenting on. LOL

    God, according to His Word, doesn’t lie. So He puts Himself in a box there. 🙂

    It’d be nice if people actually read their bibles instead of just spouting off garbage that sounds good, but doesn’t come from scripture.

  25. […] post ?  This one: on the Soldier’s Outreach/Soul Factory/New Name and Cliché Church run by Deron Cloud.  […]

  26. KD

    say what you want about the SOLDIERS, i’ve been one for about 6 years and the soul factory is where i met god. people criticize and judge what they dont understand.and thats fine because soul factory is my home, and i wont defend my pastor because he said not to, but i’ll walk(christian) like you wont believe, while people write blogs and try to understand us!!!!!!

  27. KD

    and also if you think of the soul factory as a cult then you dont know what spiritual liberation is. i cant even start to tell you all the amazing things that went on in my life because of soul factory. i learned how to trust god here. i changed my ways here. i was a whore, a lesbian, a liar, full of pride and JUDGMENTAL! but i can say im not the same. deron didnt change me, jesus did. deron is just a vessel,a non traditional one, just like Jesus who broke tradition. but i will pray for enemies who write disturbing blogs about us! i could have got mad but i heard god say ” this is what right look like” when you’re different folk gotta talk about you! look at jesus greatest man who ever lived, and he was talked about, its no surprise that you guys have ALL DAY to talk about the SOLDIERS….

  28. VF

    Wow, I grew up in an old time baptist church where people spoke, in tonges, got the holy spirit every weekend, the choir sounded like an old Mahaila Jackson song (not sure of the spelling), went home for lunch returned for evening service and came back to for services Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night. I hated it. I hated going to church so much and didn’t understand why God needed me there so much. So when I was old enough to seek him myself I did. I have visited, Catholic churches, Pedocostial (not sure of the spelling), Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist other Baptist Churches and funny thing, God was there in his own way. Speaking to me through the pastor in a way I would understand. Most of the time it scared me to death. I considered becoming a member of most of the churches because thats where I was suppose to be. But my spirit wasn’t rested.

    I was a church hopper for about 10 years, I have been baptized 4 times. And never once spoke tonge or every got the Holy Spirit, you know the one you grow up seeing people jumping around and falling out. Dragging my boys along with me. They hated it.

    So I took a breather from seeking a church home, to seek him, pray with him, journalize, fast, cry and just let him lead my steps. Praying with my boys reading with them.

    I say all this to say, I atted the Soul Factory have been now for about 4 years. My 17 year old won’t go to another church. He hates the praise the team he doesn’t think they can sing. But he enjoys listenig to a pastor that speaks to him, that knows what its like to try to do right in this day and age

    I have read this entire blog from 2006 until November 2009. I teared up. Because some missed the mark.

    If you know the father, and have your own relationship with him, it doesn’t matter where you attend church. He will be you where ever you are.

    God Bless you All.

  29. Poetik

    This is why so many young people are afraid & discouraged to go to church; because it seems like it’s always the church-goers who are the first ones to judge someone else. Mind your business. And take care of YOUR soul. To those who used to attend the Soul Factory glad you found a new home church. To those who still attend the Soul Factory enjoy the church. People spend too much time gossiping and masking it as if it were “Gods work.” I’m tired of people talking about churches, pastors and so forth what good does it do us? NONE. This is just pointless, another place where people can bash the things they don’t like. Look around you there is much more that concerns us rather than not liking the way a pastor teaches; like there is discrimination causing kids/people to commit suicide, people being murdered for $60 or a war killing soldiers every day. THIS IS THE LEAST OF OUR WORRIES yet somehow it became a priority. I’m over it & I’m over this. And I agree with the (VF)comment before mine some people missed the POINT completely if you KNOW THE FATHER & HAVE YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU WORSHIP.

  30. Jean Brown

    This breaks my heart to read all of these comments. One trying to out-do the other in a word war. This is not what we are suppose to do. I spent several years at the COLD/Soul Factory. It was good for me for a season, but then I realized that it was time to leave. I left with no regrets.

    If we find a perfect church and begin to attend, it becomes imperfect just by our attending. Pray for Deron, he’s human. One thing I will say is that we should not put man on the throne, but always keep God there. Deron is but a man who can lie, steal, cheat, curse, and more just like you and me. There have been many who have fallen for one reason or another. This is his journey. We all have the choice of going on this journey with him or with someone else. I’ve learned to take what I can use from the people in my life and leave the rest behind.

    I’m a senior citizen and have been walking with the Lord for many, many years. I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. God’s word has kept me through it all. Be blessed and find where God would have you to be and let Deron finish his journey. They shall know you by your fruit – my fruit, your fruit, and Deron’s fruit. All of you are right in your own eyes, but only God knows our hearts.

  31. Yana

    Glad to have found this blog, even though I realize that I am about 5 years late!

    Anyway, I too was a member of the Soul Factory from about 2002 until about 2005ish. It took me a minute, but I eventually came to my senses and left the church. What I find strange is that his current website makes no reference to him being a pastor (Bishop, Reverend, Man of God), nor does it mention God. If I were sombody who just happened upon his website, I would assume that he was a motivational speaker or something……not a pastor. Question? How does a pastor manage to seperate hiself from God and no one questions it?!? Seriously, go to his site and read his bio if you don’t believe me……

  32. Wow! I’d almost forgotten about this post!

    Well, it’s been five years, everyone. Five. And guess what? If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would NOT have written what I wrote back then.

    “What happened?” you may ask. “Life” would be my answer! I’m at a different place than I was back in 2006. In 2006 I was in transition spiritually and my shock at learning about exegetical preaching drowned out my affection for what God had accomplished in me during my six years at the SF. It goes to show that humility and grace should be utilized in all remarks … because whenever you’re making remarks they can only be based on who you are & what you know AT THE TIME. And these things are bound to change and develop if you’re a person who’s not afraid to do the aforementioned & realize you haven’t “arrived.” Humility and grace decrease personal embarrassment when you look back on your words six years later and more importantly they decrease the hurt that can be caused when remarks like these are made in the first place!

    Let me take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to all who were affected even in the slightest way by my comments. Drew and anyone else who reads this (I know there were quite a lot because I remember having been approached about this back then and was told as much) PLEASE forgive me for expressing my thoughts about the Soul Factory in the way I did.

    So I know you’re disappointed, Black Calvinist, but I recant!

    In closing I’m thankful for my time at the SF, a fellowship I attended from age 24 to 30. (Wow, time flies). They were some fantastic years full of great experiences and amazing people. Plus, I’m growing in the art of having no regrets if there are any regrets to have: God is in control of life-seasons, they bring us to where we are today, and they all have a purpose. So it literally makes no sense to regret any season when it’s time to move on to the next. This is the primary reason my remarks were inappropriate. And the second reason, as Drew and others alluded to, is that God is at work in more ways and in more places than my little brain can even conceive.

    Last but not least, it’s possible that someone will be critical of the fact that I’m recanting. I want you to know I don’t intend to go back and forth with any assumptions that are made about my comments. What I wrote above should be taken at face value: I mean this sincerely and I hope these words are taken as such.


    • I’m not disappointed. There’s plenty things I’d probably rephrase and add a lot of grace to if I could travel back in time. There are posts like that on HCR right now that are sitting….. I leave them unedited as a reminder of what not to do in the future.

      Now if you’re saying that you recant of leaving your old church and the quality of preaching, then yeah, I do disagree. 🙂


  33. Rita (Member)

    WoW… the Soul FactorY changez livez through the GOOD GRACE OF GOD… POINT BLANK PERIOD… NUFF SAID???

  34. My life and marriage were changed through this ministry. Deron has a way of reaching people who would not ordinarily be inclined to attend a conventional church, i.e. my husband. My husband did not believe God was real and he was adamant about it. Initially, I visited his church alone but after some time I convinced my husband to visit. It took just one visit and he was captivated by God’s love. My husband is now saved and loves the lord with all his heart. Deron’s ministry reaches people on a level that most pastors overlook. He keeps it real and does not pretend to be anything other than another human loving and following Christ. Every ministry isn’t for everybody. Don’t judge this man. We are a walking testament of God’s power through this ministry. This ministry changes lives from the INSIDE OUT. Most Christians have so many things on the inside, so many bad seeds…weeds rooted in them that over time can get in the way of our relationship with Christ. This ministry helps to “pull” those weeds so that we can be open to receive Gods love and mercy. I grew up in church all of my life and it wasn’t until I found this church that I truly understood what it was like to have a deep, true, relationship with God. I am closer to him than I have ever been.

  35. I love the string of incoming comments. I’m approving them all…because they prove my point.

    A post about this post…coming soon.

    Keep posting.

  36. robbie

    greatest shister i’ve ever seen. he is using his “psychology” degree to promote his “message” and line his pocket. how does anyone donate their retirement fund to your service. tell that to judge judy. ridiculous. he is a scam artist of the first order-another madoff, but this time using God’s name to accomplish his mission. “worship” there sounds like group brainwashing. how do i know this?. my daughter and her family attend. from time to time i attend “service” with her to see if anything has changed. nada. was last there for new years service and left disgusted as usual. no substance to the message. a self promoting man, scaring people by preaching the apocalypse is right around. stock up on rmes. the goverment is spreading all kinds of diseases according to him and the evidence he says in the movie “contagiion”. he has away of misconstuing information. he “leads” by fear. i don’t remember too much about the scriptures the few times i went.

    i was raised in the church(catholic, anglican and pentecostal). always went to church as a young person and raised my children in the church. in the last several years i’ve left the churching and come to rely on listening to His voice. He does speak to each of us if we really listen. ido not rely on any person to tell me what my relationship with him should be or that i have to go thru him before God can hear me and answer me. i have a direct relationship with my Saviour. just look at what is going on with the other charlatans-eddie long derons mentor, and the others and before them the tammie fayes, God rest her soul. they will be exposed. it’s just a matter of time. what is conceived in the dark, shall be exposed in the light of day. blasphemy, using the name of the Lord to achieve his purpose. i could go on, but suffice to say. you understand where i’m going. keep the expose going. as for me and my house, i will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. keep it coming BlackCalvinist and pray that deron’s zombies see the light of day-they do not need to rest their spirituality on any man, particularly one whose past is suspect.

  37. Carleen

    Wow, what in the world happened to the church of the lords disciples, I went there for about 3 years in their begning stages when they were in the mall, they used to have “cell” groups which was bible study & fellowship amongst members. This soul factory is so sad. Did Deron get weary of running, teaching GODS word. I remember Boyfriend Girlfriend Thang, but it was just a play at the church, I still have the VCR tape lol, I guess he figured plays was a money maker & lost sight of The Word. I can’t say I’m that much surprised tho, it was getting “off course” as he used to say. Just wow. I haven’t lived in md for over 10yrs now, this news makes me sad

  38. Alice

    Some people don’t seem to get that the devil is a deceiver?

  39. Alice

    I’d like to say one thing more. The enemy will use anything, good music, good coffee, bacon sandwiches, free car washes – you really can serve God and the mammon even though God has told us that we cannot – and anything else to get people in there to listen to hirelings.