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[CSF] God the All-Seeing One – 3

With a little of the previous post and more added on, here’s Dr. Spurgeon again:

God knows the burial-places of all his people. He notes as well the resting-place of the man who is buried tombless and alone, as the man over whom a mighty mausoleum has been raised. The traveler who fell in the barren desert, whose body became the prey of the vulture, and whose bones were bleached in the sun—the mariner, who was wrecked far out at sea, and over whose corpse no dirge was ever wailed, except the howling of the winds, and the murmuring of the wild waves—the thousands who have perished in battle, unnumbered and unnoticed—the many who have died alone, amid dreary forests, frozen seas, and devouring snow-storms—all these, and the places of their sepulchre, are known to God. That silent grot within the sea, where pearls lie deep, where now the shipwrecked one is sleeping, is marked by God as the death-place of one of his redeemed; that place upon the mountain-side, the deep ravine into which the traveler fell and was buried in a snow-drift, is marked in the memory of God as the tomb of one of the human race.

No body of man, however it may have been interred or uninterred, has passed beyond the range of God’s knowledge. Blessed be his name, if I shall die, and lie where the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep, in some neglected corner of the churchyard, I shall be known as well, and rise as well recognized by my glorious Father, as if interred in the cathedral, where forests of gothic pillars proudly stand erect, and where the songs of myriads perpetually salute high heaven. I shall be known as well as if I had been buried there in solemn pomp, and had been interred with music and with dread solemnities, and I shall be recognized as well as if the marble trophy and the famous pillar had been raised to my remembrance; for God knoweth no such thing as forgetfulness of the burying-places of his children.

Moses sleeps in some spot that eye hath not seen. God kissed away his soul, and he buried him where Israel could never find him, though they may have searched for him. But God knoweth where Moses sleeps; and if he knows that, he understands where all his children are hidden. Ye cannot bell me where is the tomb of Adam; ye could not point out to me the sleeping place of Abel. Is any man able to discover the tomb of Methuselah and those long-lived dwellers in the time before the flood? Who shall tell where the once-treasured body of Joseph now sleeps in faith? Can any of you discover the tombs of the kings, and mark the exact spot where David and Solomon rest in solitary grandeur? No, those things have passed from human recollection, and we know not where the great and mighty of the past are buried; but God knoweth, for death and Hades are open before the Lord.

And again, further, not only does he know the place where they were buried, but he is cognizant of the history of all their bodies after sepulture or after death. It has often been asked by the infidel, “How can the body of man be restored, when it may have been eaten by the cannibal, or devoured by wild beasts?” Our simple reply is, that God can track every atom of it if he pleases. We do not think it necessary to resurrection that he should do so, but if he so willed it, he could bring every atom of every body that hath ever died: although it hath passed through the most complicated machinery of nature, and become entangled in its passage with plants and beasts, yea, and with the bodies of other men, God hath it still within the range of his knowledge to know where every atom is, and it is within the might of his Omnipotence to call every atom from its wandering, and restore it to its proper sphere, and rebuild the body of which it was a part. It is true, we could not track the dust that long since has moldered.

Buried with exactest care, preserved with the most scrupulous reverence, years passed away, and the body of the monarch, which had long slept well guarded and protected, was at last reached by the careless hand. The coffin had moldered, and the metal was broken for the sake of its own value; a handful of dust was discovered, the last relics of one who was master of many nations. That dust by sacrilegious hand was cast in the aisle of the church, or thrown into the churchyard and blown by the winds into the neighboring field. It was impossible for ever to preserve it; the greatest care was defeated; and at last the monarch was on a level with his slave, “alike unknowing and unknown.” But God knows where every particle of the handful of dust has gone: he has marked in his book the wandering of every one of its atoms. He hath death so open before his view, that he can bring all these together, bone to bone, and clothe them with the very flesh that robed them in the days of yore, and make them live again. Death is open before the Lord.

– C.H. Spurgeon
Often, men decry the very teachings in scripture that are designed to bring them comfort and assurance and build their reliance upon God.  Men remove absolute Sovereignty from God because they want to be the masters of their own fate, yet they pray as though He is Sovereignly in control once they come to the end of their own ability.

Men remove from God, His omniscience, because they want to operate as free and self-determining creatures, yet will grant God control over nature and other things and pray for the rain or a hurricane to stop.

How foolish are some of these things. It is evident from every page and passage of scripture that God not only sees all of time and knows all of time intimately down to the smallest subatomic particle, but He is Sovereign over all of time and every event in it. Nothing happens outside of His control – Job was not afflicted one moment more OR less than God permitted Satan to do to him. The famine in Moab that brought Ruth and Naomi back to Jerusalem was done so by the Lord in order for them to be in the right place, married to the right person to become the grandfather and grandmother of David, ancestor of Christ.  Joseph’s ordeal was seen, at the end of his life, to have been brought together and planned by God – it was God who sent him to Egypt….in order for him to save many more lives than just his own (Gen. 45:4-9, 50:20).

As my pastor has repeatedly said, the first teaching in  ‘God 101’ is that God is God. He does as He pleases, according to no other counsel but His own.  He sees everything – the death of every saint, the pain of every heart, the thoughts and motivations of every man….. and while this may bring a sense of dread and fear to the man who realizes his own sinfulness, it should also bring comfort.

God, who is rich in mercy, who sees not only the sins you have done, but the sins that you will do.

And if your faith and trust is in Him, He has already taken away the penalty for it.

Yes, even THAT one.

Your sins aren’t more powerful than God.

Soli Deo Gloria,
K. Joel Gilliard

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