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Great time on Friday up in Philly

I absolutely *must* post pictures. A whole contingent of folks from the MD area drove up to Ephiphany Fellowship in Philly for First Friday Fundamentals.

Shai ministered for the night, with Mac the Doulos (of Everyday Process) bringing two rhymes to help with the theme of the night, which was moral relativism. Shai is a good teacher.

I got a chance to hook up with one of the pastors – Eric Mason – who I went to Bowie with years past. It was good seeing him. It was good being with ‘family’. Fellowship with the rest of the body – especially when the bulk of you believe the same things – is a sweet thing and a true gift from God.

I’ll do the picture thing in a day or two. Got some other things to catch up on first.

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  1. Kevin Jones [Visitor]

    I’ve been listening to the Epiphany podcast since I heard Eric Mason on the Resurgance conference. I’ve really been blessed by the few sermons that I’ve heard so far…