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HCR Cypha….. it’s up!

16 bars to spit (which used to be on my page) was my contribution to the HCR cypha. Now that the track is up, I’ve pulled it from my page.

Done just for fun by ctide.

The emcees (in order):

AVW (from england)
ctide (the producer)

Beat Chex (ctide’s little brother….)

Thought their verses were interesting. I like AVW’s accent. I wish mont had a better microphone – his lyricism was good, but delivery was a bit off. What’s also cool is that he used screen names of folk on the board in his…..


and no, everyone in the cypha isn’t a Calvinist.

Here’s the link. Click on the second song (HCR Cypha). It’s also downloadable. 🙂


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