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I promise to….

I promise to update my layout in the coming days. 🙂 Seriously.

I promise to start posting all the stuff I’ve been putting out over on HCR that may be helpful to other believers who don’t visit message boards, but live off of the blogsphere.

So far, I’ve done posts on exegesis, why Calvin didn’t kill Servetus, a few things on election and predestination and much more.  I *need* to refocus my energies beyond that one message board.

Of course, being an admin over there, I stay busy.

On the good side of things, though, there’s a lot of fruit from my interactions with folks over there….

I promise to get my blogpost on the Holiness of God done soon.

I promise to get COTC Ep. 3 on the Holy Trinity done as well as Ep. 4 on the Trinity.

I promise to get to speaking on Calvinism soon.

I promise to get to the latest TBC on Unity in the Church (Part III). I have more than enough material now to have written it TWICE.

I promise to hijack Mike and re-do the original HHI video.

Don’t count me out yet.  I’ll probably start unloading stuff right before I leave for T4G (driving again….).

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