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It’s a shame.

It’s a shame that we have to defend the Bible as the only infallible word of God and final authority for believers in all matters of faith and practice…..against professing believers.

After re-posting the transcription from Daniel Philips’ sermon as Christian Soul Food over at HCR, a few folk popped up to challenge it (I followed it up today with the Piper quote immediately prior to this post).

Some of the same cheezy argumentation I see Roman Catholics make to deny sola scriptura are now coming from supposed Bible-believing Christians.

Folk ALWAYS want to add to the Word of God.

I sometimes wonder if the charismatic movement (excluding New Frontiers and Sovereign Grace Ministries) has been more of a CURSE to the body of Christ than a blessing, since the majority of people in it promote an existential-experiential Christianity where ‘what you feel’ is more the arbiter of truth than what scripture says.

I run into well-meaning believers who, though they have good intentions, are sincerely wrong when they drag scripture down to being on the same level as their so-called prophetic hunches and dreams. It disturbs me and saddens me, to say the least.

I understand how a lot of them get there. I pray for folks discernment to grow and their theology to become more solid as well (since too many of them are willing to believe ANYTHING just because someone says it’s “from God”…).

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  1. Yeah, I just got thru reading some dialogue regarding Mary and “immaculate conception”, which I found quite… disturbing.

    It’s like folks think it’s okay to add to, redirect, change, etc. the scriptures — even when the sacred text is so very clear. That boggles my mind. I don’t understand it. Now, I may have trouble accepting God’s Word (because I’m a sinner), but I know that the trouble lies with me — not with God, nor His Word. Therefore, I must adapt. I must change the way I think. My mind must be renewed.

    If I can’t hold fast to the truth of God, as revealed in the scriptures, what do I have?

    There’s far too much “intellectualizing”.
    Now,I love intelligent discussions. I love folks who can think “outside the box”, but everything is not rocket science. We are not God, and being made in His image does not give us the freedom to add to His Word. I think some of us got it twisted.

    Thanks again, for smashing the nail on the head.

    A Nappy Girl 🙂

  2. Oh, and I forgot this part:

    We need to learn how to decide what is right, based on principles, when there are no mandates. Too many Christians can’t figure out what to do, based on what IS revealed in the sacred text.

    I was on another site, discussing the abortion issue. We got Christians DEFENDING abortion, by saying, “Well the bible doesn’t speak on it, so…”. What the heck is that?

    See, you gon’ get me started.

    In Him,

    A Nappy Girl.