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Oh, that reminds me.

I’ll be driving up to Philly tonight for Everyday Process’s CD Release Party.

It took me a minute to pick their CD up and I bumped it earlier this morning while I was assembling and measuring out my new bookshelf. A few people have been telling me exactly what the CD was about and on the album, the guys confirmed it.

They spit the gospel. :)

They spit the gospel. :)

For my non-black folk who aren’t used to urban terminology, when a rapper (also called an emcee or MC) says that they are ‘spitting’ about something, that means that they are rapping about whatever it is.

So, EP….raps about the gospel (they spit the gospel).

Did I mention, they spit the gospel ?

I’m going to do a full review on the CD in a few days after I get used to being back at work again (yes, my break has vaporized…).

The second CD is Believin’ Stephen’s “What I Believe EP”. He’s got 9 songs on there, and I’ve heard most of them already – either via his Myspace page or in person. Steve gets better every time he picks up a mic.

I ordered his CD, but I have a feeling that it’s accidentally getting shipped to the wrong address (thanks to me not updating my old address in paypal…but I use it so rarely, I forgot until AFTER I’d already hit send….).

I’m going to videotape a little of the event tonight and probably put up YouTube Clips. Even if I can get some ‘short interviews’, that’ll be cool. :D (and in HHH, there are no superstars – everybody already knows everybody and people are just people after they step off the stage. Walk up and talk with and to folks.)

So keep the Process in prayer and keep Steve in prayer.

Brandon’s CD release party is next weekend. I don’t have his CD yet, but I will. :)

Aight, time to get moving. At the very least, I need to get an oil change before I leave today.


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