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Sad comedy….

In case you’re wondering what it’s about, see here:

The God Who Names Himself

Pray for the PCUSA. And the Episcopals. They’re not too far behind, either.

In fact, pray for your own church and pastors – that God would keep his/their mind(s) on sound doctrine and reject all of the theological novelties that spring up today masquerading as tolerance and open-mindedness.

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  1. Flo [Visitor]

    I am so glad to hear that Calvary Chapel is not a “seeker” church. I recently left my once-loved church because it remodeled itself after Rick Warren’s Saddleback and the flock was no longer being fed. We were starving for God’s Word on Sunday mornings. Thank God most of those that left the church were mature Christians who did daily Bible study on their own (or we would have had no real teaching at all). I have been drawn to Calvary Chapel since leaving my church, but I was concerned that they might be teaching by the same methods. You have eased my mind. THanks so much. I just happened across this site while looking for some connection between Rick Warren and Calvary Chapel…God works in wonderful ways!