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Steve responds…..

Steve responded to my comment in his blog (to which I responded back):

Steve said…

Thanks, Kerry. I only know what I see and read. Regarding Jackson’s appetite for homosexual pornography, here is another courtv news story:

Regarding his marriages, what I’ve read only serves to reinforce the impression that he is not attracted to women and only married them for cover:

In addition, if he’s at ease with normal sexual relations, why did he resort to artificial insemination rather than employ the old fashioned method?

Finally, I was simply using the Jackson case to illustrate a larger point. But I appreciate your attempt to correct any errors on my part, and we’re all dependent on our news outlets in a situation like this.

I wrote back breifly:

BlackCalvinist said…

Hey again Steve,

Your first link (Court TV) pretty much said the same thing mine did. The book that was found (‘The Boy’) is a regular photographic book, though homosexual folk consider it homoerotic porn. I would say that misuse wouldn’t count as ‘homosexual porn’. I do have issues with the amount of underage hetero porn they found at his house and on his computer, though.

Regular porn addiction ? Yes. Homosexual porn ? No.

I do believe the man definitely needs help. He’s 45+ – he needs to let Neverland rest (and I hope he’s learned something from this), stop playing with kids LIKE a kid… and grow up…. his childhood ain’t comin’ back…. and most of his adulthood is gone.

Steve’s a pretty cool guy, though, so there’s no need to get into a long, protracted debate with him over the whole thing. I think Steve would probably agree with my last paragraph. :D


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