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Superman has feet of clay…..and other interesting observations….

Scott Hollerman’s review of Superman Returns pretty much sums up my take on the movie.

It wasn’t horrid, but it wasn’t as good as X3: The Last Stand.

I thought that Meeky and I were the only ones who noticed this little interesting bit in the movie. Hollerman says:

But there’s precious little of Superman, the exalted, and too much of Superman as Christ, arms outstretched, looking down, suffering and depending on others to save him. That last bit is an overwhelmed subplot about reciprocity and the reality of truly super men and it might have worked, thanks to good scenes between Routh and Marsden.

Be sure to click on the link above and check his whole interview.

Hollerman isn’t the first person to notice the ‘Superman = Jesus’ parallels here. They treat Superman more like a greek god in this movie, who can be radically affected, helped, killed, etc… by human beings than like the cartoon character who appeared bigger than life when they released the first movie in 77.

Lois rescues Superman ?

Superman rushed into the emergency room ?

This is the Man of Steel, right ?

But I digress.

Pretty much, Routh played Christopher Reeve playing Superman. The opening rescue scene was THE scene in the movie that stands out. The chick playin’ Lois Lane….. COMPLETE thumbs down. Barely any charisma on-screen between her and Superman and she, being a successful Pulitzer Prize winner and baby-daddy hater, effectively refuses to show true emotion to Superman in his presence, though you can sense it in her actions and see it in her other scenes with other characters. She and Routh should have studied Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve a bit closer.

Jimmy Olsen is about as happy to see Superman as a 40-somethingish man is to get a colonoscopy. He’s happier to see Clark Kent.

Perry White….has lost the warmth and caring his personality used to have and is now more of an automaton.

The rest…eh…. I think they lost me mid-way through somewhere.

There’s a lot of ‘interaction’ (talking) in this movie. But lots of ‘talking’ does NOT equal character development.

It doesn’t stink… but it doesn’t smell like roses either. I could’ve waited till it came out on DVD.

I need to do a review of X3, don’t I ? Although if you haven’t seen it by now, you must live in a monastery.

I even thought Fantastic Four (which I picked up on DVD) was a better movie than Superman. I’m glad they’re doing a sequel to that.

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  1. Redeemed [Visitor]

    “Although if you haven’t seen it by now, you must live in a monastery.”

    Or you’ve got 3 kids 2 jobs and ministry responsibilities.

    I haven’t seen X3 and now you make me not want to see Superman Returns!
    Curse you blogman! I’ll get you for this!

    Muhahahaha! **evil laugh & mustache twirl**