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Okay, it’s been beyond forever since I’ve taken the time to blog. Some of you have thought I’ve fallen off the planet.

I’ve been through a few changes over the past few months. I’ve learned that some message boards are not the best places to have conversations and exchanges. I’m supposed to actually step completely back from posting on HCR for a while. A little difficult to do as an admin, but not impossible. Just going to take some discipline. Thank God for good brothers in Christ who are willing to tell you the truth about how you’ve been acting.

HCR is just like any other situation in life….if you constantly keep interacting with people who seek to do nothing but argue with you and make you look bad….you end up looking bad. I understand Paul’s admonition to avoid divisive people after a second warning. The temptation is always to respond back in the same fashion as those who attack you and what you believe.

Case in point – someone posted once asking for Calvinistic resources. They were seeking to understand reformed theology from a reformed perspective. Some guy who is a non-Calvinist pops in the thread and posts a link to some mess by Dan Corner, Bryson or one of the myriad reformed-bashers out there.

Well, I laid into dude and told him he was only out to cause confusion and that his post was symptomatic of most Calvinist-Arminian discussions on HCR. Arrogant and full of himself and wanting to cause an argument. He posts a bit back on how I came at him wrong (yes, imagine that….LOL) and how he just posted the link because he found it helpful and wasn’t trying to start an argument.

Now anyone paying half a bit o’ attention will notice:

1. It’s a thread asking for Calvinists to post links to Calvinistic resources.

2. The resource and the poster were both non-Calvinistic. With a smiley doing the ‘eyebrows raised’ thing with a sneaky smile, I might add.

Now, under normal circumstances, this could’ve been handled a lot calmer. But experience this for weeks on end…indeed, MONTHS on end… and you wear thin. Over the past few months, I’ve had random heretic vs Kerry arguments with folks, people re-asking the same questions, people doing things to cause arguments, people posting things to misrepresent reformed theology (taking advantage of the fact that some people on HCR don’t like to read anything long….) and spent hours on end typing up responses in defense of reformed theology, the Sovereignty of God, the Trinity and host of other issues including the usual defense of myself (since virtually every single attacker usually resorts to attacking me personally instead of dealing with the issue of whether or not Calvinism is taught in scripture or not).

So bad temper and ‘meanness’ start to show a bit more…even when you seek to sound ‘nice’ in the process. There’s a whole ‘snowball’ effect, because one or two people treat you like dirt (yes, they don’t notice their own attitude, actions, motives and sin…only YOURS….) everyone else joins in. You then move to defending yourself and in the process of typing many words, you encounter a Proverbs 10:19. And even if you don’t directly become sarcastic back to some of these folks, your attitude becomes one of defense and attack instead brethren to brethren.

I’m not saying all of HCR is bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, there are a lot of GOOD people there. But HCR is a snapshot of a lot of ‘the church’ today in America. But it’s always a few bad apples that spoil the bunch.

I ain’t leavin’ the place….but I just won’t be ‘there’ as much. I’ll be investing my time elsewhere…. or mostly elsewhere (also including here, but mainly on another project coming up).

Guess I’m just needin’ sometime to detoxify like I did back from November to March. All the daily arguments and back and forth wear you down.

In Better News…..

I flew to Sacramento for the Desiring God regional conference on the Pleasures of God. For those who haven’t read the book, Piper has chapters 1-3 up online. Good taking a new picture with him and seeing him again. I have the pics up in my photo album along with others.

Cali was good. It was a good feeling to kinda be away from home and visit somewhere new. I got to hang with Rachel, Olivia and Jessica for the conference and then later on Saturday in San Francisco, got to hang with Jeff and Claire too. Good peeps all the way around. Jeff caught this cool pic of me walking on the beach (Ocean Beach in San Francisco) right after sunset and his photography was beyond excellent. I need to e-mail him again and get all the pics.

There may be a few more things to write about one day.  I’ll let you know when the manifest themselves.

Work and grad school remain constant busy factors in my life.   Just waiting for a small break to happen soon, though I know that pretty much won’t come until Christmas break weekend.

Another ministry opportunity has arisen (the other reason I need to refrain from arguing needlessly on the internet with people who aren’t really interested in truth, but mainly just winning an argument….) and in the interest of keeping the reputation of my church clean, the reputation of myself clean and the reputation of the ministries I’m associated with clean,  I’ll be focusing my energies on blogging and articles.  I can get more done with a few good articles than with going back and forth with someone who really could or could not be legitimately asking a question.

On the Album Front….

In wisdom….BlackCalvinist is still BlackCalvinist in most of the blogsphere and on the internet.  But on the upcoming album, expect to see my new name: G.R.A.C.E. Preecha.  Those of you who’ve been reading this blog know that the only thing that’s changed is the ‘Black’ part of my old name. ;)   As soon as I get done re-vamping my music sites, I’ll be posting a release date for the album (which will now be January or something near to it….since the namechange requires re-recording 1-2 songs…..).   But the good news is that I’m done with every song for the album (as far as concepts go).  I have a little production to do for 1-2 songs, and a few 2nd and 3rd verses to write, along with finalizing my guest spots.   After that….. it’s academic.  I also figure it’ll give G.R.A.C.E. Preecha a bit of time to get things in order and people a bit of a chance to realize it’s me over the old name.

There are a few evangelistic things I plan on doing soon as well.

All things in due time.  Keep me, ministry, friends, school, work, ministry at church and my personal walk in prayer.  Colossians 3 is where I’m currently ‘stuck’.   There, 1 & 2  Timothy and Titus again.

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