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Tethered to my desktop and the Sovereignty of God

Well, it finally happened.

Something went wrong with my MacBook Pro.

Something MAJOR.

But it’s nVida’s fault, not Apple.  Apple is offering replacement repairs for up to 3 years from original purchase date, regardless of if I’m in warranty or not.

Meanwhile, I’ve opened up my MBP, pulled the HD, connected it to my tower via a USB external case and I’m backing it up – AGAIN.

It would happen right NOW – grading due, need to get video and pictures to my future brother-in-law for the wedding and a TON of other information on there…..

Somewhere in this, though, God has this happening NOW for my highest good and for His highest glory (Romans 8:28).  Don’t know why NOW, but I do know that I need to learn to respond correctly…..especially if I *claim* to believe that there are no rouge molecules in the universe.

Don’t you love it when God tests your theology in the practical ?

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