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The Lion ROARS, but….. and crazy Covenant Life People!

….. read the book.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was pretty good as a movie. I rank it easily with SW Episodes 3 and 6 as very well done. Of course, hollywood got to the movie in some places, so it does not strictly follow the book (which is what I was expecting). The book has a LOT of directly Christian symbols that the movie misses and the characters in the book weren’t as apprehensive about their present situation as in the movie.

A few scenes were ‘created’ for the movie that aren’t in the book – i.e. the wolves catching up to the kids at the waterfall as it begins to thaw (a very well done scene, I might add!).

If I don’t sound overly enthused about it, that’s because I went in expecting it to be a carbon-copy adaptation of the book. But as a story on its’ own and the acting, effects, etc…… it easily scores a 10 out of 10. Very well put together and the CGI was so well integrated, you wouldn’t have known it was there. There was no ‘dazzle you with effects’ movie going here – it was simply a GOOD movie, with a GOOD but sublte use of CGI (although there was a LOT of it) and it was believable.

No objectionable scenes for kids (parent still recommended – there are battle scenes) and it serves as a perfect springboard for parents to discuss the gospel with children, since all of the major themes of the gospel are covered by Lewis.

I again suggest that you read the book. There are a lot of things the movie MISSED that will be made clear in the reading of the book. It’s a short, quick read, really. I finished it in two days.

For those wondering about the title of this blog post, I happened (along with my pastor and a few more church members) to be in the same theater with you guys (The Regal in Rockville, MD). And there were at least 150 of you there….I think I even saw one of your pastors – Gary Riccuci- floating around about mid-way in the theatre. My pastor and a few of us talked to one of your members in the lobby about our C.S. Lewis bookclub discussion that meets every second Friday @ Borders’ on Rt. 355, he was like “Our singles’ group meets that day” – and I was like “Oh! You go to Covenant Life!”…. and then I looked around and saw the 18-25ish group and all of their hyperactivity, fellowship, etc…. and realized you all were there en masse. The ‘happy birthday’ to one of the guys in the theatre was the bigger tip-off, since the bulk of the theatre joined in.

Coming outside at the end of the movie into the newly-fallen snow was hilarious. I saw you guys snowball fighting, running around, and acting like complete lunatics.

Keep up the good work. :)

I was the black guy yelling “whoohoo! Teacher with a day off! No one else’s kids to deal with for three days!” and so forth. :)

Okay, that was a nice long hour and 10 minute drive home (hey, you can only go SO fast in the snow….), so I’m about to head to sleep. I took a gamble I’d be off from work today and it seems I was right.

The payoff is…..sleep.

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  1. Redeemed [Visitor]

    Thanks bud, now I’m far less excited about seeing the movie.
    Actually I read an article in USA Today by C.S. Lewis’ step son David Gresham. According to Mr. Gresham the book is not an allegory it merely stands alone with its own mythical world.

    I don’t agree.