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Two movies…..

I just got done watching Click! with Adam Sandler a few minutes ago.

Amazing how even the world can find and show a few bits and pieces of wisdom every now and again (proof of man’s creation in the image of God, though that image was shattered like glass with the fall, so that only specks and shards show, but not the whole reflection).

Maybe I’ve been trying to fast-foward my life. I remember a wise man saying ‘let the grapes alone for a while…otherwise, you’ll only end up with grape juice instead of wine’.

It’s very rare a movie gets me to thinking…since my usual reason to get a movie is amusement (‘muse’ meaning thought or thinking and the prefix ‘a’ negates it….).

So don’t be shocked if you see me writing about things from this movie from time to time. It’s actually a good movie. Very few curse words and actually a good moral at the end.

The other interesting movie I picked up (at the recommendation of Gloria) was this one:

Woody Allen’s a consistent atheist. The main character of his story operates as a pragmatic atheist and there are several convos throughout the movie which lend to this point – even a silent cry from Allen through the main character for some ultimate meaning other than blind chance and pure accident (all the atheist has to run to as a reason for existence) and he looks for it in justice, but even justice fails in this regard.

It’s a good movie (plotwise) and will keep you on edge till the last minute of the movie.

Nothing like a good movie to get you thinking.

I shall be blogging more in the coming days.


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