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What does it mean ?



What does it mean ?

Do you think that these folk in Louisiana and Mississippi, despite the fact that they have a huge witchcraft (voodoo) base down there, were worse sinners than any of you reading this right now ?

No, they were not. Floating in the water are bodies of men, women, both Christian and non-Christian. Homes and churches destroyed were both Christian and non-Christian.

And unless you repent, you too will perish in like fashion. Not just physically – because everyone will eventually die. But I’m talking on a spiritual level…. and hell is much worse than a 15-foot storm surge and losing all of your lifes’ possessions, including family members.

The message from any disaster….. “Do not boast about tommorrow because you do not know what another day will bring.” (Prov. 27:1). Repent. Today.

Yes, all I’m doing is echoing John Piper from earlier this year on his talk on Tsunami and Repentance (an excellent read, if you haven’t already read…..). And all John is doing is echoing Jesus when the disciples came to Him with news of a horrid disaster that had befallen some Galileans.

That is all. Going to sleep now and thinking of how to get a canned food and clothing drive quickly organized.


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