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While we’re waiting: Old Reading

I’m so thankful to the Internet Archive. I was in the process of looking up some old posts from prior to my converting my blog from b2evolution over to WordPress (which I did back in 07 or so….) and to my dismay, a lot of ‘huge’ posts I’d done were lost. 🙁

Until today. 🙂

I decided, on a hunch, to put in the URL to some of my old blogposts that were cut off at “More::” (as in “click on this link to read more”). Turns out the archive saved a LOT of my old blog back in December of 06. 🙂

I even got back all of “The Bible as the Word of God….for CHRISTIANS….” which I’ve been meaning to get back for ages now.

I also managed to get all of my post back where I talked for a bit on Calvary Chapel and restore the entire post.

I was reading my wife a bit of old blog posts to my wife and noticing that I’ve been a perfectionist a lot longer than I really realized (I even mentioned it in an old post). It’s interesting to look back at old blogposts and see where you’ve grown from.  Strangely, I had a lot more time years ago to blog more consistently.  I blame work and the rest of life.

Well, off to blogging again.  If I know how God operates, something I read recently on my blog will arise in my life as a reminder in the next few days and I’ll be posting on it in hopes of others being edified as a result of it. 🙂

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