Why are you even spending your time doing this ? Do you actually think someone’s reading ? Or cares ?

I get this from time to time in regard to this blog and the main site for TCDC.

My answers are easy.

1. Out of an evangelistic heart. A lot of today’s younger folk (specifically here in the US) communicate frequently in messageboard and blog-based communities. Not that they don’t have lives outside of the internet – it’s just become a regular part of their daily interaction and communication. They sometimes meet up with people they’ve met online and interact ‘in real life’. So don’t be so unwise as to assume that the internet is ‘for entertainment purposes only’.

So the people are here…. they might as well read something Biblical. As an ambassador, if sound Biblical teaching is not being represented, I am commanded to ‘go to that place’ – just as if sound Biblical teaching is lacking in a particular country, YOU, the reader, are either commanded to GO there yourself as a missionary or evangelist to “teach them all things that I (Christ) have commanded you to observe” (Matthew 28:19) or support one who goes there.

Back in the days of the Puritans, the book was the ‘internet’ of its’ day, where ideas were promulgated widely and teaching spread. Today, while books are still ubiquitous, the internet is easier to access. It’s free.

Would you rather see people get their ‘Christianity’ from Creflo Dollar’s website (which has plenty of Bible MIS-studies available in print-friendly format) or from Reformed Answers and/or CARM ?

There’s a need. People like me, fill it. Don’t be so stuck in the 17th and 18th century (thinking that the gospel is only spread through personal interaction) that you forget stories like the conversion of Luke Short, whom the Lord brought to faith eighty-five years after hearing John Flavel preach.

No preacher around. No personal interaction with Flavel at 15. Just the seed of the Word of God implanted and brought back to memory at the age of 100.

If God can do that with a sermon preached 85 years before, what makes you think He won’t use a website with an accurate gospel presentation on it ?

2. Out of a command to preach the gospel. 1 Corinthians 9:16 weighs on me heavily. I can seriously identify with Paul here, as I have this literal DREAD that hangs over my head daily if I fail to preach the gospel. I do believe it lies at the heart of my call to ministry.

3. Out of a need to get an ACCURATE message of the gospel on the internet. Yes, there are plenty of Phil Johnsons, John MacArthur and others on the net who accurately preach the gospel. But so it is in ‘real life’ as well, yet that doesn’t cause anyone to say “well, they have MacArthur, Johnson, Piper, Sproul and WAVA.com. Let them listen to them.” Believers are commanded to make disciples and preach the gospel wherever their feet may find them – at home with their families, at work with their colleages and on messageboards and other internet forums with peers and others.

4. Simple Math. Those who complain that ‘internet evangelism does nothing’ fail to realize that even if you have a congregation of 200 and you preach every weekend, the Word of God gets spread to those 200. If you average that one of every 10 is unconverted, you’ve preached to about 20 unsaved folk and shared the gospel with them weekly.

Well, according to my stats, if I get 60-100 hits per day, I cover the same ground you do over the course of two days. And more than likely, after six days, I’ve covered about 500-550 folks who’ve clicked through to THE Big Issue. I’ll do the same average of 1 out of 10 never having heard the gospel before. That’s 50-55 people.

5. A Need To Teach and Edify the Saints. There’s too much screwy teaching going around on the internet masquerading as Christianity. That’s the nicest way I can say it.

You have a choice.

Either allow it to continue, calling it a fad or a trend and ignore it, OR put up a Biblically accurate alternative that folks can have equal access to.

If you care about truth, and God’s name and glory being preserved and represented correctly, are you simply going to sit by while His name is slandered and BLASPHEMED by people like Ken Copeland (who says God is the biggest failure in the bible), Fred Price (who says God can do nothing in the earth realm without man’s permission) or Eddie Long (who says that the Word of God is His sperm) ?

If you would defend the name and honor of the person you’re married to, how much more the Savior who died for you ?

So that puts me here. Thirteen years later (since I started this up in 93 and threw it on the web a decade ago). Daily, a few thousand folks read topics in The 5Q Lounge. So the occassional Christian Soul Food post there along with supporting URLs is a good way to point folk to solid Biblical truth, since most of what they get probably only comes from the WORD channel, BET and TBN.

The occassional convo on a political or religous issue also comes up from time to time. Would it be better for an unbelieving world get answers from a well-meaning but uninformed believer or an informed one ? I compare this question to the one Jesus asked the Pharisees before healing a man – Is it right to do good on the Sabbath or to do evil ? To give life or take it ?

Obviously, Jesus was pointing them to a greater issue – doing good on the Sabbath morally and spiritually has more precedence over not working on the Sabbath. Likewise, from a moral and spiritual perspective, it is more important that in this venue of human existence, the gospel message be presented clearly and accurately and a defense of the faith (1 Peter 3:15-16, Jude 3-4) be always presented when Christianity is challenged. A greater need for sound Biblical teaching and evangelism in this forum (with a view to pointing people to establishing real-life relationships off the internet and going to a real church of course).

Plenty of folk have become Calvinistic or at least more solidly Biblical in their thinking because of the erasure of geographical, social and other boundaries that once separated them. The town that never heard of reformed theology because all of its’ churches were Arminian now has tons of people asking their pastors questions about salvation and looking for Biblical answers.

So folk like me see this as a responsibility and a calling from God. Yeah, maybe you can’t identify with it and you only participate in any forums and such that are denominationally sanctioned. Well and fine. Don’t despise the ‘other sheep’ working for the same Jewish Carpenter as yourself.

So I’m off to the Apple Store to look around, brood over the black or the white 30GB iPod and leave at least two of the homepages on any two random Macs open to THE Big Issue or How To Know Jesus Christ. Maybe a store clerk will bookmark it before he closes the screen, come back later and read through it.

And maybe 5 days….25 weeks…75 years from now, that site and the message there, combined with other seeds of the Word of God watered over the years will bring forth fruit. And if it does… all the writing and constant typing on the internet will be more than worth it.

That’s why I’m here…..and Lord willing, I won’t be going anywhere.

5 thoughts on “Why Do This ???? I’ll give you FIVE reasons….

  1. Redeemed [Visitor]

    Stay the course buddy. Your contribution is needed & desired.

  2. BlackCalvinist [Member]

    Thanks dude. 🙂

  3. sean [Visitor]

    I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for being honest and open about everything. I love Jesus and love reading about people who know him too.

    I am a musician and I would be honored if you would check out my music. All my music is free for download. Anyway, I don’t mean to be a pest, just thought I’d share.

    “All my muisc is free.”

  4. Billy [Visitor]

    We need teachers to rise up now more than ever.May God Bless you

  5. ladydivine [Visitor]

    Personally, I am edified through the messages on your blog. I can truly say that I read it! It blesses me and challenges me to live become a better Christian.

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