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Why HOLY Hip Hop Will Never Be Popular….

Last night was absolutely great. 🙂 I got to meet quite a few people who’d been visiting my site as well as people from HCR and many others. Azriel, Timothy and Stephen Brindle, Lee (Spokenword) and Izreal Felix performed to open up for CHRISTcentric and it was great. At the start, I opened us up with 2 songs and a quick prayer.

It was good.

But aside from just the fellowship and the chance to talk with folks after ministering, it was just the fact that the Biblical gospel was clearly presented last night….. THAT was the true blessing of the night. Prayerfully, people were challenged to change their lives, repent from their sin, and turn to Christ alone for their salvation.

Thinking more over the night, I reflected on lyrics spit by Az, Tim, Steve, Lee (who had this HAWTE song describing election and predestination) as well as they lyrics spit by CHRISTcentric….

If Holy Hip Hop is truly Holy (set apart for the service of Christ)…. then it will NEVER be mainstream. It will NEVER be popular with the majority of the culture.

If the Biblical gospel is being preached – not a ‘feel good’ message, not a motivational speech sprinkled with scripture, but the actual Biblical gospel touching on the life, death, substitutionary atonement, resurrection and Lordship of Christ….faith, repentance from sin, mankind’s condition before a Holy God, the wrath of God awaiting all men at the end of life…..

If this gospel is truly preached in the lyrics of those who spit gospel rap, it won’t be popular. It’ll NEVER be popular.

Just like people love prosperity and feel-good messages, but they don’t like anything which deals with sin. They want to leave church feeling good. Indeed, folk like Joel Osteen even tell you they don’t deal with sin, hell, etc…. and their churches balloon.

Mankind doesn’t like to be confronted with its’ own wickedness (Jeremiah 17:9). That’s why Adam and Eve hid in the garden. They didn’t want to be face to face with the God who made them and they felt shame because of their sin.

So anything that seeks to present the WHOLE Biblical gospel… even the ‘unpleasant’ parts…. won’t be popular. Won’t be mainstream.

Sure, a ‘feel good’ message will be popular. A ‘Jesus, Savior from all my social ills and lonliness’ will be popular. A ‘Jesus, Savior from my poverty and sickness’, will be very popular. After all… who doesn’t want to have more money, never get sick and live a nice life with little-to-no drama ?

But the Biblical gospel is devoid of such cotton-candy life. And the life of the Christian, according to scripture, has a guarantee of persecution and suffering in it.

Not riches.

Not prosperity.

Not ‘wealth’.

Not perfect physical healing (no matter how much you yank Isaiah 53 out of context).

Just a few thoughts. Ruminate on them a while.



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  1. robert [Visitor]

    Interesting insights. Keep up the good work.


  2. Kwame [Visitor]

    “Mankind doesn’t like to be confronted with its’ own wickedness (Jeremiah 17:9).”

    Du, I like your blog too much not to say this once for all: possessive pronouns have no apostrophes; only the nouns do. “Repeat this fact, and they can never laugh at you,” or whatever KRS-One said.