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I was right.

“It’s goin’ down y’all….. like this system of things.”

Prince’s closing comments on the end of his performance of 3121 at the 2006 BET Awards just confirmed my theory of what 3121 means.

You’ll remember a few months ago, I speculated:

Going back to my ‘theory’ earlier, 3+1+2+1 all added together equals 7. Biblically, the number seven is associated with God. Perhaps, Prince is simply presenting a ‘hedonistic’ view of God in 3121 where our hearts’ delights are satisfied.

Everyone who’s studied ANYTHING in countercult ministry and evangelism knows JW-talk when you hear it. Terms like ‘System of Things’ (taken from the NWT’s rendering of the disciples’ questions at Matthew 24) are part and parcel ‘Jehovah-talk’.

I must admit…. his semi-veiled attempts at Watchtower indoctrination are well done. I don’t think he’d deny it if you asked him. But hey, these are just thoughts of one black man in one corner of cyberspace who’s read too many theology books and listened to too many previous Prince CDs….what me know ?

Next, I’m off to find out WHO put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop….. stay tuned….