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Moved…here. Welcome to 2016…lol

Welp…. looks like it’s way overdue.

After having the main site for TCDC hacked repeatedly, I’m moving from their servers to this one. I posted a message about it last night when I finally got the site back up and running. I’m in the process of moving everything from there over here over the next few weeks or so, so I’ll be updating as I go.

I’ve had 1-2 good blogposts I’ve put up – all over at LDM – in the past few weeks. Time hasn’t been my friend since grad school, composing and conducting, but I’m reorganizing my time.  In 15 years of being reformed, I’m noticing that stuff I came across in 2005 is now being taken for granted in 2016. It’s time (again) to repeat the same old-but-true messages because the current generation doesn’t get it.

Amazing how quickly truth can get diluted, assumed and ignored.

In addition, there’s a NEW crop of issues that have reared their heads in 2016 (really, they’ve been around since 2000 and really even before that….).  Do I need to speak on them ? Yes.   I even dusted off the BlackCalvinist World YouTube Channel channel. My Twitter account is the only thing that’s been consistently active all this time.

Other than that, I need to do something with these HORRID 2005-2007-era wordpress themes.  Maybe I can hire someone to install and do a better layout for me until the summer gets here and I can do more myself.

See you soon.