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Happy New Year – So What ?

A little something I wrote three years ago going into 07′.

Thinking Biblically Commentary – January 4, 2007
K. Joel Gilliard

Every year on December 31, great festivals and celebrations around the world are held to ring out the old year and bring in the new year. In fact, starting backwards from December 26th, news broadcasters begin to reflect on past events of the year, who died, who got married and whatever the big news stories of the year that there were.

Many people use this time of year to do their own reflection on the events of the past year in their personal lives. Many make promises to improve themselves in the coming year and as we well know, these things have a tendency not to last.

Many have come to think of New Year’s resolutions as a cliché for ‘Heh. Let’s see how long that lasts.’ People make grandiose claims and promises only to break them before the end of the month (usually within the first 5-15 days of the month).

Now let’s think for a moment. Biblically, if you will.

Is it wrong to reflect over our lives and think on the major events of our lives? Of course not. Is it wrong to make plans for change ? Not at all. Scripture is replete with folks who do these very things – from David in the Psalms to Isaiah in his book.

The problem is our thinking at how to go about accomplishing these ‘resolutions’ that we make. There’s usually two faulty assumptions that go along with most new year’s resolutions-making.

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The Resolutions of Kerry Gilliard – #1-10 of 40….and other stuff….

In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating places I need to improve, some things that could be universal “I will do”s, no matter what year I find myself and something I could find myself leaving to those who come immediately after me (kids, folks I mentor….some of you reading this blog).

So with the help of the Spirit of God and with some good dialogue with Meeky, I endeavor and undertake these initial 40 resolutions. As time goes on, the list will probably grow. The numbers that make up each resolution will probably also change, since I currently have them numbered starting under each category. So if, for example, I add a new one to work, the first one in Personal Growth and Development will be numbered as #5 instead of #4 (which it currently is).


The Resolutions of Kerry Gilliard

Drafted Saturday, December 31, 2005 with influence and input from Meeky. Remember to read these at least once a week. This is the first edition (draft 123105).


1. I resolve to have more patience with people’s children, knowing that the bulk of them are unregenerate, come from unregenerate homes, have no home training, no love of God, seared consciences and very little or no self-control. They are influenced by the world, followers of their flesh, and deceived by the devil through the music and other forms of entertainment that they immerse themselves in daily. The only grace of God they may see is through me.

2. I resolve to involve myself and my faith in the lives of at least one co-worker prior to the end of this school year. It’s easy to sit off in my room, isolated from the rest of the building and only ‘come out’ when I need something.

3. As God gives me strength, I resolve to be more deliberate in my time of teaching the students and preparing to teach them so that I maximize the time that I have with them for the purpose of proper musical instruction. I will stop ‘winging it’ at times. While I am properly earning my paycheck, God is concerned with me doing more than ‘bare minimum’.

Personal Growth and Development

4. As God gives me strength, I resolve to spend at least 3 hours per week practicing my saxophone and building a contemporary and classical literature repertoire.

5. I resolve to look for opportunities to play my instrument at outside events so that my musicianship and showmanship may remain intact and/or grow outside of things I do for the benefit of my students.

6. I resolve to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week practicing piano and keyboard/piano – both contemporary and classical – for the same reasons I need to spend time on saxophone and also in preparation for church services on Sunday.

7. Specifically on piano, I resolve to learn a minimum of three new classical pieces (including completing learning Schubert’s Impromptu ).

8. As God permits and opens doors, I resolve to look into the issue of attending graduate school at either Bowie or Morgan so I can get that pay increase I need.

9. Remember that as much as I try or would like to, I can’t fix everything, rescue everyone and that’s not my mission in life. Sometimes, it’s better to leave things alone.

10. I resolve to use my talents and skills – whether it be art, lyrical acumen, musical skill, education or any other means of expression – in the service of God and others whom I come in contact with.


In other news, my ‘studio’ is back up and running. :) I actually have less interference now, so I think I should be able to do some better recordings and such.

I have most of the necessary software to do a ‘rough’ (my opinion) mixdown of some stuff and make it sound pretty good (I love GarageBand). No frills, just me and some good music behind me.

I think this thing is going to come out good.

Meanwhile, you can look above and see that I’ve finally linked the photo album :) I’ll be adding some more pictures from Curtis’s release party (I only have a few in there now) soon.

Off to sleep. Tired.