I’m still editing T4G video, as you’ve noticed.  I’ve also filmed several other segments and things I’ll be uploading in due time.

Here’s the last part of the tour through the bookstore – and there’s some great singing at the end as I re-enter the main conference:


Just enjoy the Star Wars-esque into and exit. 🙂 I was in a mood.

Grad school has been particularly good. I got a 91.25 in the last class I was in and I’m currently floating somewhere around the same average in my current class.

I’ve done some brief writing for The Definition (you know….the Christian Hip Hop album I’ve been due to bring out for almost 2 years now….).  Time and experience have matured and calmed me down a bit – I won’t be slacking off in zeal, but I will be choosing my words a bit more carefully.

I’m also a bit more focused now in terms of things that I’ll be doing ministry-wise.

I’m on a deadline to finish video-editing and writing most of my ‘catch up’ articles before Aug. 18 when I return to work.

Lord willing…it’ll get done.

Prayer, as usual.

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