It’s been a minute.  Stuff I found an interesting read……

Grace Online Library has a wonderful article entitled Sexual Purity: Restoring My Heart After Sexual Sin. It’s a good read and hopefully, it’ll be a word of encouragement to any believer in the process of turning from sexual sin.  GOL is one of my old ‘standby’ favorite reformed sites over the years. It was around long before Monergism or any of the other ones.

Speaking of Monergism, in their latest links block on the side, an article from Nicholas Batzig over at Feeding on Christ is up, entitled The Insatiable Quest for Greatness. Perfectly appropriate in an era where everyone wants to be YouTube-famous for 15 minutes.

I found Tim Hopper’s compilation-of-material blog over at He’s began gathering a list of documents and materials/readings for those in the diaconate.

R.C. Sproul reminds  us of the goodness of being able to address God as Father.

Finally, Jemar Tisby just presented a session at Together for the Gospel 2016 in Louisville. The session is entitled the A.R.C. of Racial Reconciliation. He summarizes the main points here.


That’s it for now.

Yes, I saw James White respond on the Dividing Line. I have skimmed 30 seconds (approximately) of it and heard the whole racial primacy strawman repeated again (‘ethnic gnosticism’ is even in the title of the podcast, so….). He takes about 35 minutes responding to me, it seems (again…haven’t watched/heard the whole thing). Taking care of work things first before I take some time and dissect his response. Afterward, I’ll decide on either a print response or video response.

In addition, I’m also about to upload (A week late…lol) the preview video/trailer for the all-new TBC (Thinking Biblically Commentary Podcast). It’ll be up alongside a newly revamped Theologically Correct dot Com in a little bit.

Off to work…..

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