I haven’t done a blogwatching in a LONG time.

Two very well respected men (Al Mohler and John MacArthur) have come down on opposite sides of the fence on the issue of the Manhanttan Declaration.

For those hiding under a rock, read it here:

The document calls for cultural co-beligerency between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants to deal with three major social ills that are symptomatic of our present society’s downfall (at least in the US and most of the west).

MacArthur: Why I didn’t sign it

Mohler: Why I signed it

So far, quite a few of my favorite folks….. have both signed and abstained. I’m waiting to hear from John Piper on the issue.

Meanwhile, we’re talking it up on LDM. Come join us. Would YOU sign the document ? Why or why not ?

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