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Oh. Wow. Just like that, I’m back.


That’s pretty much all I can say.

I caught a killer deal on eBay the other day for a mixer and two professional CD players (Gemini CDJ10’s or something like that).

Long story short, DJ K-NYSE was reborn over the weekend.

Uh, yeah. Seriously.

Those of you who know me, know that in addition to everything else, I *love* good house music. Not the ‘booty shake’ music from Florida or the ‘trash’….er….’Trance’ stuff, but good, deep underground house music from Chicago and such. Not even the home-grown Baltimore club stuff.

So….I found TraxSource and I’m making a wishlist.

Might see what I can do with some holy hip hop too. But right now…. just enjoying the fact that I can DJ again. 🙂

Getting some more writing done for the album. Working on grad school stuff…. all the usual. Truthfully, work and grad school have taken up most of my available time.

On another note, I’m on a strict budget as of next paycheck. Keep that in prayer. Right now, I generally follow that same budget and have $416 left over at the end of the month, but now I have to document it. I’ve actually been pretty straight since last summer when grad school started.

Okay, I’m out. Work to do and a home to get to.



Love good house music ? has 18 podcasts – each one at least one hour minimum – up. Their feed is here: .



Good music.

Thank me later.

While I work my way through all 18 of those podcasts, pray that I stay persistent over the next two days and get these papers in. Sunday night (Christmas Eve) is the last day of class.

Back to work (I’m at Panera, of course). :)