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Well, today I turn 40.  The past few months have been rather interesting – busy as heck (continually). I know (from experience) that everyone gets ‘this busy’, so it shouldn’t  be a surprise to me that so many small fires (and big ones) keep popping up and I don’t have enough ‘feet’ to stomp them all out.

Looking back at a statement my old pastor once said to me…..

I’m now 40. What do I have to show for it ?

  • Decent career (a bit challenging at times).
  • A wife who loves me and a good marriage.

  • An album in the works.
  • Three major websites that get a little traffic (really – mostly because I don’t update as often anymore).
  • A house.
  • Great in-laws.
  • Great friends and a solid church.
  • A bit more wisdom.

Not too bad. God has been gracious to me.  Looking forward to another ‘interesting’ 20 years…..

Starting with the first single for my album…which will FINALLY be ready to drop next week (hopefully).

Oh. Wow. Just like that, I’m back.


That’s pretty much all I can say.

I caught a killer deal on eBay the other day for a mixer and two professional CD players (Gemini CDJ10’s or something like that).

Long story short, DJ K-NYSE was reborn over the weekend.

Uh, yeah. Seriously.

Those of you who know me, know that in addition to everything else, I *love* good house music. Not the ‘booty shake’ music from Florida or the ‘trash’….er….’Trance’ stuff, but good, deep underground house music from Chicago and such. Not even the home-grown Baltimore club stuff.

So….I found TraxSource and I’m making a wishlist.

Might see what I can do with some holy hip hop too. But right now…. just enjoying the fact that I can DJ again. 🙂

Getting some more writing done for the album. Working on grad school stuff…. all the usual. Truthfully, work and grad school have taken up most of my available time.

On another note, I’m on a strict budget as of next paycheck. Keep that in prayer. Right now, I generally follow that same budget and have $416 left over at the end of the month, but now I have to document it. I’ve actually been pretty straight since last summer when grad school started.

Okay, I’m out. Work to do and a home to get to.

In studio TODAY……

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for almost two years now.

The beginnings of officially recording my project in studio. 88|

So 8611 is now officially ‘in session’ as I planned. Praise God.

Y’all keep the project in prayer. I still have a mountain of production to do or modify so it fits, about 40% of the writing (my rhymes) to finish up and I still need to solidify a few guest appearances. Prayerfully, today, I can get 2-3 things recorded.

Thanks to all my producers:
The Apologist (also executive producer)
Naapi Haed of R8
Chad from Conviction Music

Vaughn of Frontline Productions

for their continued support and encouragement up to this point. :) It’s been a long time coming…..

Now I just need to get to the studio on time today. :)) So let me get off the computer and get on the road.

Oh yeah, it’s on. 8611 moves ahead…..

I’ve had a really nice creative streak as of late as far as writing new rhymes for my EP. By the time January hits, I have a feeling all I’ll need to do is hit the studio and record (with no more production needed). I’m waiting to hear from 2-3 people on some additional beats. I’ve got 5 out of 8 tracks nice and solidified (including the intro), 2 out of 3 acappellas ready to go (and the 3rd one is done, just needs some tweaking) and space for one quick spill, totalling 13 tracks. The CD will probably run somewhere in the 30-35 minute range (rough estimate).

And even beyond the 8611 EP, I’m writing new material for my now unnamed future album project. At this rate, though, I may end up like R-Swift from lampmode – plan for an EP, but come out with a full CD. It all depends on the rest of material I write on, since I wanted to keep 8611 themed on the Christian life.

Keep this in prayer folks. Lots of things on my plate. But God has called me forward for such a time as this to handle it all. So I will. While you’re at it, keep my finances in prayer, my prayer time in prayer, my relationship with Meeky in prayer and anything else I may have missed. Things are cool now, but you can never have enough prayer.


8611 EP Update # 3

Did somebody say a 3/1 release date ?

Good news, good news and bad news.

Good news: I got some feedback on a track or two that I put out there for some folk to listen to. :) Content, ideas – all good.

Good news: One person, in particular, whose work is already out in 2 CDs, told me that the sound quality of my voice on the current equipment I have is the major problem. Someone else who has spent time in the studio has said the same thing. So I’m going to invest the money……. and head to the studio to record the 8611 EP instead of just toss it out there with poor sound quality.

and hence, the bad news:

CD’s pushed back.

That’s cool, though. Now I don’t have to rush as much and I can perfect a few more things. But trust… I’ll be in the studio before the end of the month.

So keep the project in prayer (as usual). What’s funny is how I came to this conclusion today: I saw a car go by with the car tags of the last name of the person whose studio I’ll be using (and who will be mastering my songs) and was like ‘Oh yeah, I need to call him!’. I did, we talked and here I am.

Sovereignty. LOL

Once I start hitting the studio, you’ll know who I’m working with. :)

Additional good news: is going to be the new and quick way to get info on the project….. as well as the official site. I’m learning Flash now so I can get the design work done. :) You know me.


Coming in 2006 – BC: Definition of a Christian Life

A few changes in the HHH (Holy Hip Hop) arena as far as me and what I’m up to.

*updated 2/11/06 – health problems prevented the original release date of 2/4/06*
*updated again 2/17/06 *
*updated 5/27/06*

*last update: 10/6/06* – Main site:

1. At present, I believe I will have approximately 5 or 6 songs ready (meaning lyrics, music, voice overs, ad libs, final mix down) for ‘release’ on an EP called the 8611 EP. The *Official* release date for the 8611 EP will be….*after I get out of the studio* (originally 3/1), Lord willing. So be on the lookout for an announcement here along with downloads of a few songs (or the whole EP. I haven’t decided yet.). I’ll also be posting announcements on Holy Culture Radio Message Board, The Yuinon, Lampmode, Reformed Blacks of America and a few of the other boards I frequent.

2. New name…. most of you know me as ‘BlackCalvinist’…. so I’m droppin’ K2 as my name and just rollin’ with ‘BC’. A lot simpler to explain and it doesn’t sound as convoluted as K2

3. It won’t be a totally ‘me’ project, as I know I’ll be using some beats created by my pastor and possibly something from *someone* (I’ll let you know after it happens) already established in the HHH scene in addition to stuff I create/produce. In addition, if all goes well, I’ll have a few CO-LABOR-ations on the final project (Definition of a Christian Life) which I’m looking to release right at the end of June of 06, Lord willing. I’m looking at around 14-16 tracks, includng at least three accappella tracks and a couple of skits (gotta keep you laughin while you’re learning !)

4. I’m on a great creative streak as of late. God is good. My writing is getting better, my flow has changed a bit and my style a bit more defined (so you know ‘me’ when you hear ‘me’) as the months go on, so things I wrote back in May of 05′ , I may trash now.

5. Many thanks to the folks who’ve served as feedback (Apologist, Evangel, Pastor, Derek, Meeky), inspiration (Evangel, Apologist, Q-DOG, Shai, Curtis, Phanatik, Tim Brindle) and those who will serve as critique before I do a ‘full’ release.

Keep this project in prayer, folks. 16 years ago in high school, it was me on the radio with a fresh 16 bars every night on the Charm City Check-In on WEBB, 10 years ago it was me with a few freestyle bars and some stuff written during my days pledging SIGMA (had to keep the brothers and sorors entertained like a good Crescent)…..time for the resurrection and use of my other talents to glorify God and not just hype up myself.

Update 2/17/06
After some talks with someone in the industry with some professional equipment and some feedback on a few things, I’m going to push back beyond 3/1 for a release date. I’m going to bypass my own equipment at home and do the actual recording in the studio. It’s all about quality….. and I can’t put out something crappy, no matter how good the content is.

So it looks like the project’s going to be out….. just need to invest the money in the studio time.

5/27/06 Update
Work (my secular job) has eaten a lot of my time up (school teacher). But the school year is drawing to a close :) So late June, I’m looking at heading to the studio. Between then and now, I plan on doing some more pre-production stuff.

Five Tracks are definite as of now, and I’m debating on putting an additional 3 on here that I’ve started writing (or have finished writing in one case) since the original 3/1 date. After June 10, I’ll have more time to do more.

10/6/06 update

Up to eight tracks. A couple of interludes. Apologist from CHRISTcentric is going to be working with me. I’ll be recording at his studio – hopefully starting in January.

Website’s up, so I won’t be updating this anymore:

As usual…. keep me, my writing and this project in prayer.

Quick thoughts on the CD release party for ‘Voice: Progression’….

Man, I ain’t nevah had that much fun in a minute.

Curtis Allen aka Voice from Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD did his CD release party last night and had Shai, Tim and CHRISTcentric open for him. His project – Progression – looks to be pretty tight work and I’m going to pick it up shortly.

I got about 50+ pics I’m going to upload, but I had to give a shout out to EVERYBODY from lampmode that I finally met up with (*waving at Eve and Sight-Giver —- I ain’t realize y’all were that close to me!*) other folks (I’m forgettin’ names now, includin’ the one brother whose name I had to ask him about 5-6 times), Chaka (I hope I spelled that right), Believin’ Stephen (aka Mr. Low-Fitted) and of course (and definitely not least) Shai, Tim and Essence.

The night was beyond hilarious, fun and just overall GREAT because of all the fellowship that went on.

No, I’m not forgetting to give a shout out to CHRISTcentric :) You brothers are local, but I don’t take you for granted – your stuff is stuck in my head too and helps keep my mind focused as I work on things around the house, drive in the car, etc……Good finally meetin’ Q and Apologist. The Mind of Christ is still ringin’ in my head.

Neither am I forgetting to give a shout out to Voice himself for putting together such a tight event. Man, I ain’t know you had flow like DAT! . For those who missed it – Voice and his producer had this thing they did where they ‘battled’ – his producer could play ANYTHING and Voice had to freestyle to it.

Voice is one of the illest emcees comin’ into Christian hip-hop today. Reformed folk – be glad – he’s on our side. ;) This man freestyled for a large portion of the show – from his introduction to stuff in-between, to the challenge/battle with his producer mentioned above. And it wasn’t just ‘A-B-C, 1-2-3’ rhymes – this man put complex rhyme schemes together on the spot and made them sound good.

Of special note is one of his cuts on the topic of secular hip hop where he gives an overview of the history of the genre down to the present time and how its’ slowly shifted from being an artform to be being another outlet for the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life.

I praise God for everyone’s ministry in HHH (Holy Hip Hop) – the ‘freestyle fest’ at the end was tight beyond tight and I wish I’d have brought my video camera with me and taped it all. All of you guys are teaching me how to balance publicity with humility.

Well, that’s it for now. I need to bounce and get other work done. I have a performance with my kids later today and need to do some work around the house beforehand.

I’ll be back with pics probably later tonight or 2morrow.

Hope everyone got back home safe!