Someone posted a link to Laci Green’s youtube channel ( where said young lady (she looks like a high schooler, but is probably in her early 20’s) has posted several videos advancing atheism, including why atheists care about YOUR religion and a two-parter on why she’s going to hell.  The ‘going to hell’ ones seemed to have garnered her sympathy as being the ‘victim’ of various ‘Christian-fundamentalist’ attacks (as well as praise for her ‘freethinking’ and ‘intelligence’).  During the vid, she does the usual “paint a half-argument of your opponent” (aka the strawman fallacy)  routine, brushes off Christians as illogical, non-reasoning, unintelligent, uninteresting, etc…

There’s always more to the story.   Several people have challenged her in the comments, and like most atheists (new militant ones included), she cherry-picks what she will respond to and ignores the strongest arguments provided against her views.  It shouldn’t be a surprise: Christopher Hitchens does the same type of ‘dodge’ here.

Laci also has links to other vids and a whole other channel….on sex. Her page lists her as having served as a peer counselor on sex during her high school years (she lets folks know up front she’s not a professional), reproductive rights advocate & teaching female sexuality at the college level and a few more bits and pieces.   What does that have to do with anything ?


Every atheist always tells on themselves about the real reasons they claim there’s no God.  Thankfully, we don’t have to hunt far to find it – between her sex+ channel video on the use of the word ‘slut’ and her video (listen between the lines on her views on sex) and her talk on the subject of why atheists are concerned about others’ religious views…well…. she (like every other one) eventually states that they’d like to live as they want to live with no one telling them what to do.

Nothing new here to anyone who’s been paying attention. Everyone that rejects the God of scripture does so because they want to be the ‘god’ of their own lives (either that or create one in their own image that allows them to live as they like).

I mentioned the strawman attacks earlier.  I’d love to see her post a video interacting with the strongest viewpoints that answer her objections (one only has to do a small search around the net and you’ll find them easily).  I can appreciate Christopher Hitchens at least debating Bill Craig (William Lane Craig) and attempting to interact with his arguments (though he does not do so in a satisfactory manner).  I’d love to see exactly what he’s saying now that his own brother, Peter (whose book I mentioned in a previous post on here) has joined the opposition.

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