Lord, I praise You for your providential care over all aspects of my life.

Somewhere in Your perfect, just and holy will, You determined and ordained that it would be best for me to have these things taken from me at this time.

Perhaps somewhere down the line, extra money spent on comic books could’ve been spent better elsewhere.

Perhaps somewhere down the line, it is better that I have my camera replaced by a newer one.

Perhaps my sense of security in locks needed to be shaken so that I could learn to press more in and depend on You.

Perhaps my simple, sinful, self needed to be shaken and awakened to some other areas of sin in my life and You determined to get my attention this way.

Lord, whatever the reason, forgive my initial reaction with my lips.

Lord, I won’t back down. And I know You will ultimately give me justice in this situation.

But help my attitude to still be firm, yet respectful when I deal with my property manager.

Lord, help me to see your will in all these things and be well pleasing to you with my actions and REactions, no matter the outcome. Help me to remember Your words: You will repay.



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