I got a phone call from someone who said ‘wow. walked into a hornet’s nest on that one, didn’t ya ? :))

I’m good, friend. Takes a lot more than that to shake me up good.

Today was pretty decent, overall. I had some expanded thoughts I felt the need to share and they’ll end up getting incorporated here in the ‘intro to calvinism for non-calvinists’ series I plan on doing up in a few weeks. I’m still writing right now.

I’m also feeling the need for a Sola Scriptura series around June-July or so. Derek did an excellent job on a bible study he put together on General and Special Revelation a few weeks ago for our STA meetings. I may have to have him shoot me a copy of it on disk and do a series on here based on that.

Meanwhile, I’m about to post up part 2 of the Trinity on the main site. I actually could’ve posted it ages ago….just wanted people to get a chance to soak in the first part.

I’ll also be recording episode 2 of Calvinism on the Couch on the doctrine of the Trinity and uploading parts 1 and 2 to YouTube (still editing the video for part 1).

I’m WAAAY overdue for the latest Thinking Biblical Commentary (part 3 on Unity in the Church). That’s coming before the end of the month. I guess weekly just won’t work.

Big plans, little time. :( But God is still faithful. One a month. Maybe two.

Aight. Off to sleep with me.


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