I’m FINALLY importing all of the T4G video (I have about 1.5 hours of video to edit).  Random interviews with a TON of folks – some you know, some you don’t! 🙂 Even a little Deejay Essence, Bob Kauflin and C.J. Mahaney…. and LOTS of good singing.

I’m being transported back in time to April….and it is GOOD.

Interesting – you can see folks are worn down a bit by day three.

Thanks to Mel Duncan, CJ, Bob and MANY others for giving me a few moments of their time at the end of day 2 (when all of us were sleepy) to say a few things on tape.

Theres more…. I’ll upload it all a little at a time.

In addition, it’s a year overdue – Calvinism On The Couch Episode 3 – The Holy Trinity. Imagine, I’m still getting people leaving comments in the section for the first two videos!  Video coming shortly….

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