Been a while since I posted.   Year 40 of life has been very interesting.   I can say that I’ve spent the bulk of this year working on things to become more competent in my profession – Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago last year being one of the main things.

Got my highest scores at PGCPS band festival ever – straight II’s from all the judges (including sight reading).

Published my first composition – Circus Festival March.  Premiered it May 21 at Spring Concert.

Working on getting my LLC (oh yes, BluePhire is going more ‘official’ now than before!) off the ground – mainly looking to spend time composing and publishing music (trying to pay back these student loans!).

Finished my Master of Arts in Teaching June 12, 2013, officially.

There’s more stuff….always is.  God has been good to me and Danielle (seriously).  Danni had a great year too – lots of work, but her group at festival got the same scores.

A lot of this year has been seeing ‘Calvinism’, ‘Reformed Theology’, ‘Biblical Theology’ worked out in the practical and the every day.  I’m still working on part III of my intro series on reformed theology on the main page (that I started 2 years ago).

I do spend a lot (probably too much) time on Facebook, forwarding things, getting into the occasional argument and debate and so on.  I have a huge set of tasks ahead of me, so I need to be a bit more focused with my time in the coming years.

That’s all for now…. more to come.

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