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Well, today I turn 40.  The past few months have been rather interesting – busy as heck (continually). I know (from experience) that everyone gets ‘this busy’, so it shouldn’t  be a surprise to me that so many small fires (and big ones) keep popping up and I don’t have enough ‘feet’ to stomp them all out.

Looking back at a statement my old pastor once said to me…..

I’m now 40. What do I have to show for it ?

  • Decent career (a bit challenging at times).
  • A wife who loves me and a good marriage.

  • An album in the works.
  • Three major websites that get a little traffic (really – mostly because I don’t update as often anymore).
  • A house.
  • Great in-laws.
  • Great friends and a solid church.
  • A bit more wisdom.

Not too bad. God has been gracious to me.  Looking forward to another ‘interesting’ 20 years…..

Starting with the first single for my album…which will FINALLY be ready to drop next week (hopefully).

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  1. Conrad Steward

    Greetings, I am new to your website, and so far, I’m enjoying it.
    How often do you update your website?
    My wife and I attend Oakcliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas, Pastor,Dr. Tony Evans, and we’ve been blessed by his ministry over the years, but we sense the Holy Spirit moving us to a smaller congregation, and reformed in their Theology. Pray for us, as we move cautiously!
    Grace and peace