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Coming in 2006 – BC: Definition of a Christian Life

A few changes in the HHH (Holy Hip Hop) arena as far as me and what I’m up to.

*updated 2/11/06 – health problems prevented the original release date of 2/4/06*
*updated again 2/17/06 *
*updated 5/27/06*

*last update: 10/6/06* – Main site:

1. At present, I believe I will have approximately 5 or 6 songs ready (meaning lyrics, music, voice overs, ad libs, final mix down) for ‘release’ on an EP called the 8611 EP. The *Official* release date for the 8611 EP will be….*after I get out of the studio* (originally 3/1), Lord willing. So be on the lookout for an announcement here along with downloads of a few songs (or the whole EP. I haven’t decided yet.). I’ll also be posting announcements on Holy Culture Radio Message Board, The Yuinon, Lampmode, Reformed Blacks of America and a few of the other boards I frequent.

2. New name…. most of you know me as ‘BlackCalvinist’…. so I’m droppin’ K2 as my name and just rollin’ with ‘BC’. A lot simpler to explain and it doesn’t sound as convoluted as K2

3. It won’t be a totally ‘me’ project, as I know I’ll be using some beats created by my pastor and possibly something from *someone* (I’ll let you know after it happens) already established in the HHH scene in addition to stuff I create/produce. In addition, if all goes well, I’ll have a few CO-LABOR-ations on the final project (Definition of a Christian Life) which I’m looking to release right at the end of June of 06, Lord willing. I’m looking at around 14-16 tracks, includng at least three accappella tracks and a couple of skits (gotta keep you laughin while you’re learning !)

4. I’m on a great creative streak as of late. God is good. My writing is getting better, my flow has changed a bit and my style a bit more defined (so you know ‘me’ when you hear ‘me’) as the months go on, so things I wrote back in May of 05′ , I may trash now.

5. Many thanks to the folks who’ve served as feedback (Apologist, Evangel, Pastor, Derek, Meeky), inspiration (Evangel, Apologist, Q-DOG, Shai, Curtis, Phanatik, Tim Brindle) and those who will serve as critique before I do a ‘full’ release.

Keep this project in prayer, folks. 16 years ago in high school, it was me on the radio with a fresh 16 bars every night on the Charm City Check-In on WEBB, 10 years ago it was me with a few freestyle bars and some stuff written during my days pledging SIGMA (had to keep the brothers and sorors entertained like a good Crescent)…..time for the resurrection and use of my other talents to glorify God and not just hype up myself.

Update 2/17/06
After some talks with someone in the industry with some professional equipment and some feedback on a few things, I’m going to push back beyond 3/1 for a release date. I’m going to bypass my own equipment at home and do the actual recording in the studio. It’s all about quality….. and I can’t put out something crappy, no matter how good the content is.

So it looks like the project’s going to be out….. just need to invest the money in the studio time.

5/27/06 Update
Work (my secular job) has eaten a lot of my time up (school teacher). But the school year is drawing to a close :) So late June, I’m looking at heading to the studio. Between then and now, I plan on doing some more pre-production stuff.

Five Tracks are definite as of now, and I’m debating on putting an additional 3 on here that I’ve started writing (or have finished writing in one case) since the original 3/1 date. After June 10, I’ll have more time to do more.

10/6/06 update

Up to eight tracks. A couple of interludes. Apologist from CHRISTcentric is going to be working with me. I’ll be recording at his studio – hopefully starting in January.

Website’s up, so I won’t be updating this anymore:

As usual…. keep me, my writing and this project in prayer.

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  1. Redeemed [Visitor]


  2. Redeemed [Visitor]

    Thanks for the insight into your deep mind.

  3. Captain Sarcasm strikes again! Don’t make me throw a rock at you. :-p

    Teach me your way, O LORD,
    and I will walk in your truth;

    give me an undivided heart,
    that I may fear your name.

    That should be the prayer of every Christian, daily, dontcha think ? 🙂

  4. SincerelySeekingTruth [Visitor]

    Oh Wow!!!! The Black Calvinist RAPS too?!?!

    I am sooo seriously lookin forward to hearing the EP! May God Richly Bless the entire project and all folks involved! You are in my prayers.

    Much Love, God Bless, Peace!