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In studio TODAY……

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for almost two years now.

The beginnings of officially recording my project in studio. 88|

So 8611 is now officially ‘in session’ as I planned. Praise God.

Y’all keep the project in prayer. I still have a mountain of production to do or modify so it fits, about 40% of the writing (my rhymes) to finish up and I still need to solidify a few guest appearances. Prayerfully, today, I can get 2-3 things recorded.

Thanks to all my producers:
The Apologist (also executive producer)
Naapi Haed of R8
Chad from Conviction Music

Vaughn of Frontline Productions

for their continued support and encouragement up to this point. :) It’s been a long time coming…..

Now I just need to get to the studio on time today. :)) So let me get off the computer and get on the road.

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  1. Rikki [Visitor]

    Congrats, Kerry! Now hurry up so I can hear it!