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Oh yeah, it’s on. 8611 moves ahead…..

I’ve had a really nice creative streak as of late as far as writing new rhymes for my EP. By the time January hits, I have a feeling all I’ll need to do is hit the studio and record (with no more production needed). I’m waiting to hear from 2-3 people on some additional beats. I’ve got 5 out of 8 tracks nice and solidified (including the intro), 2 out of 3 acappellas ready to go (and the 3rd one is done, just needs some tweaking) and space for one quick spill, totalling 13 tracks. The CD will probably run somewhere in the 30-35 minute range (rough estimate).

And even beyond the 8611 EP, I’m writing new material for my now unnamed future album project. At this rate, though, I may end up like R-Swift from lampmode – plan for an EP, but come out with a full CD. It all depends on the rest of material I write on, since I wanted to keep 8611 themed on the Christian life.

Keep this in prayer folks. Lots of things on my plate. But God has called me forward for such a time as this to handle it all. So I will. While you’re at it, keep my finances in prayer, my prayer time in prayer, my relationship with Meeky in prayer and anything else I may have missed. Things are cool now, but you can never have enough prayer.


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