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Quick thoughts on the CD release party for ‘Voice: Progression’….

Man, I ain’t nevah had that much fun in a minute.

Curtis Allen aka Voice from Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD did his CD release party last night and had Shai, Tim and CHRISTcentric open for him. His project – Progression – looks to be pretty tight work and I’m going to pick it up shortly.

I got about 50+ pics I’m going to upload, but I had to give a shout out to EVERYBODY from lampmode that I finally met up with (*waving at Eve and Sight-Giver —- I ain’t realize y’all were that close to me!*) other folks (I’m forgettin’ names now, includin’ the one brother whose name I had to ask him about 5-6 times), Chaka (I hope I spelled that right), Believin’ Stephen (aka Mr. Low-Fitted) and of course (and definitely not least) Shai, Tim and Essence.

The night was beyond hilarious, fun and just overall GREAT because of all the fellowship that went on.

No, I’m not forgetting to give a shout out to CHRISTcentric :) You brothers are local, but I don’t take you for granted – your stuff is stuck in my head too and helps keep my mind focused as I work on things around the house, drive in the car, etc……Good finally meetin’ Q and Apologist. The Mind of Christ is still ringin’ in my head.

Neither am I forgetting to give a shout out to Voice himself for putting together such a tight event. Man, I ain’t know you had flow like DAT! . For those who missed it – Voice and his producer had this thing they did where they ‘battled’ – his producer could play ANYTHING and Voice had to freestyle to it.

Voice is one of the illest emcees comin’ into Christian hip-hop today. Reformed folk – be glad – he’s on our side. ;) This man freestyled for a large portion of the show – from his introduction to stuff in-between, to the challenge/battle with his producer mentioned above. And it wasn’t just ‘A-B-C, 1-2-3’ rhymes – this man put complex rhyme schemes together on the spot and made them sound good.

Of special note is one of his cuts on the topic of secular hip hop where he gives an overview of the history of the genre down to the present time and how its’ slowly shifted from being an artform to be being another outlet for the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life.

I praise God for everyone’s ministry in HHH (Holy Hip Hop) – the ‘freestyle fest’ at the end was tight beyond tight and I wish I’d have brought my video camera with me and taped it all. All of you guys are teaching me how to balance publicity with humility.

Well, that’s it for now. I need to bounce and get other work done. I have a performance with my kids later today and need to do some work around the house beforehand.

I’ll be back with pics probably later tonight or 2morrow.

Hope everyone got back home safe!


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  1. Hey man thanks for the feed bcak on the show. I didnt know you were in the trenches like this. Thanks for loving Doctrine and Theology and most importantly the Saviour. Would you mind putting a link to my sites on yours? They are and Thanks again!