the gift of prophecy…..

I’m going to pick up Wayne Grudem’s book The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament….either that, or his Systematic Theology. I’ve been doing a lot of study recently on the gifts of the Spirit, including whether or not they are still […]


The New American Prayer

Borrowed with permission from Eddie’s blog…. The New American Prayer Oh, All-powerful and All-knowing higher entity-person for which we have no agreed upon name! We bow our heads before your unknown essence and pray to you this evening in a moment of […]


Holiness – Part I

I’ve been reading a bit of J.C. Ryle’s book Holiness and searching the web for additional chapters/quotes and stuff so I wouldn’t have to re-type things. I’m using a few quotes from him on my Christian Soul Food e-devotional list. Enjoy. We […]